iRig HD 2 review – IK Multimedia raise the iOS guitar interface bar

At times, IK Multimedia have had their share of detractors amongst the iOS music making community (most notably for their use of in-app ads but, thankfully, this is criticism they have responded to) but they are certainly a company that has embraced the iOS platform full-on. The R&D costs of developing software for a relatively new platform are considerable yet IKM have produced a number of very creditable music apps, AmpliTube, SampleTank, VocaLive, iGrand and iLectric amongst them. … [Read more...]

iRig HD review

IK Multimedia’s new iRig HD is now available and promises iOS guitarists a step up in audio quality from the original iRig hardware. That original unit has been one of the biggest selling accessories for guitar playing iOS musicians over the last couple of years. I reviewed the original iRig back in April 2012 and it undoubtedly opened a lot of guitarist’s eyes (and ears) to the possibilities offered by their iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad for mobile music making. So, if you own the original iRig … [Read more...]

Amplitube Slash – music app review

If you are a fan of classic rock then the odds are you are also a fan of Slash – all round guitar hero, rock ‘n’ roll survivor and, by all accounts, a genuinely nice guy to boot. And, if you are a guitar wielding, iDevice owner, you can now grab a slice of the Slash’s classic guitar tone with IK Multimedia’s AmpliTube Slash music app. Available in both iPhone/iPod and iPad versions, this is a Slash-themed version of the IKM’s excellent AmpliTube app. The app is equipped with models of all the … [Read more...]

Music app review – IK Multimedia iRig and AmpliTube

If you are a ‘techie’ type guitarist who embraces what modern digital technology can bring to the guitar playing table (and, nope, that doesn’t stop you also appreciating the classic elements of the electric guitar world), then you are likely to be familiar with IK Multimedia’s AmpliTube Mac/PC software. AmpliTube is one of the better software-based guitar amp/speaker cabinet simulators our there although, at around the £180 (here in the U.K. at the time or writing), it is not going to be a … [Read more...]