AudioTools update – Andrew Smith’s audio testing utility app gets iPhone 7 support

If you subscribe to the Music App Blog's weekly email newsletter, then you will know that I've recently completed a personal project studio build for my own music production work. To cut a long story short, this is a 'room within a room' built within a barn and, while on the inside, it looks like any 4x5m domestic room/office, it is pretty well sound isolated (yay! no noise gets in or out). Of course, like any room used for audio production, sound proofing (if required) doesn't mean that the … [Read more...]

Seventh heaven – Apple launch the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

As any die-hard iOS musician will be aware, Apple held one of its super-slick launch events yesterday with Tim Cook and the crew taking us through a number of new Apple product enhancements. Yes, sad that I am, I sat through the whole 2 hours (I multi-tasked though!)..... :-) The focus was very much on the iPhone and  Apple Watch so, if you are more of an iPad-based iOS musician, and maybe also run a desktop-based music system using a MacBook or iMac, then there was perhaps less to get your … [Read more...]