Silence is golden

How would you like to perform a little experiment? It won’t take long (seconds) and it won’t cost you anything but it is, for anyone who is relatively new to DIY recording, quite instructive. Yes? Then read on and let me set up the context…. I’ve posted before on why I think mobile devices – and iOS-based devices in particular – represent a significant new paradigm for the home, DIY or project studio musician. An iPad, accompanied by a small number of additional hardware items (some of them … [Read more...]

iOS multitrack recording – the good, the bad and the wishlist

As I write this in mid-August 2013, music making – and multitrack recording in particular – under iOS has come a long way in a very short time. When you consider just what can now be done with a ‘recording studio’ built around an iPad, a few pieces of essential additional hardware and a collection of low-cost (well, low-cost compared to their desktop equivalents) apps, it is pretty remarkable (even more so if, like me, you remember when the humble Teac 144 Portastudio was the height of personal … [Read more...]

AudioReverb music app review – reverb effect app from Virsyn

Here in the UK, there is a saying about waiting for a bus (or any form of public transport)… “I waited around for ages and then two came together….’. Well now this also applies to reverb effect apps on iOS as, hot on the heels of AUFX:Space that I reviewed a couple of weeks ago comes the AudioReverb music app – another dedicated reverb effect app – produced by VirSyn, the developers behind the excellent iSyn Poly, Harmony Voice, Addictive Synth and iVoxel. AudioReverb is priced at UK£6.99 from … [Read more...]

Samson Meteor USB Mic review

Yep, this is going to be a review of the Samson Meteor USB mic, but first, let’s consider just a little bit of context as this helps identify which iOS musicians might find this mic most appealing …. My generation While it is perfectly possible for experienced music technology professionals to identify the current limitations of iOS as a music making platform, for a whole new generation of musicians, their iPhones, iPod Touch or iPad is their first close encounter with hi-tech music creation. … [Read more...]

Harmony Voice music app update – VirSyn add Audiobus support

I reviewed VirSyn’s Harmony Voice music app a while back (you can read that review here) and was impressed to see this type of vocal processing – familiar to desktop musicians for some time – starting to appear for iOS. As the app’s name suggests, Harmony Voice produces vocal harmonies based upon your audio input and the pitch of these four-part harmonies can be produced either automatically by the app or triggered via MIDI. And while the app didn’t perhaps compete with the very best that is on … [Read more...]

Auria update – WaveMachine Labs update their brilliant iOS DAW to v.1.10

WaveMachine Labs have released an Auria update this week to v.1.10. The Auria music app is perhaps the most sophisticated iOS DAW app currently available and, while it is an audio-only recording environment (Auria doesn’t yet support MIDI instrument tracks), v.1.10 does include MIDI Sync, MIDI support for plugin control and MIDI remote control so that you can control Auria from external DAW hardware controllers such as the Mackie HUI. Other new features include updated versions of all the … [Read more...]

Cubasis for iPad – v.1.5 update

Cubasis for iPad has been updated to v.1.5 this week. Steinberg have added some significant new features to the app and it's great to see the development continuing. Key additions in this release are a new virtual analog synth called Micrologue and 16 new drum kit sample sets provided by Allen Morgan. Micrologue - which is based upon the Retrologue synth that is part of the desktop Cubase package - is a pretty neat virtual analog synth. It's supplied with 50 presets as a sonic starting … [Read more...]

Recording on an iPhone – or how to hold a recording studio in the palm of your hand

A good friend of mine - and someone very experienced in the world of music technology - is a bit of an iOS sceptic. He definitely remains to be convinced about the merits of making music on an iPad (or iPhone/iPod Touch). Recently, he said to me that there is no way he would choose to do multitrack recording on an iPhone or iPad when he could be using a system built around his desktop computer. He does, of course, have a point. The desktop system is likely to be far more powerful than the … [Read more...]

iOS music apps – toys or tools?

I'd like to start with a question and, while I admit the link to iOS music apps might not be obvious to start with, bear with and I'll do my best to convince you that I can join the dots... So, my question…. has anyone here ever played Guitar Hero? For a while a few years ago it was all the rage on consoles such as the PS3 and the Wii. Indeed, my own sons (then aged about 10 and 3) were both hooked and we had the full setup for the family Wii; two guitars, a drum kit and a mic. The kids … [Read more...]