Music making with iOS; the pros and cons; no. 2; it’s compact vs it’s compact

This series of short(ish) discussion articles is focused on the pros and cons of iOS as a music-making platform. I’m a fan of the approach but I’d also be the first to admit that it is far from ‘perfect’ (whatever that might be given that we all make our music in different ways anyway). The various pros and cons of the iOS music technology manifest themselves in all sorts of ways and, hopefully, by giving some air time to some of the more significant of these ‘good vs bad’ aspects, the articles … [Read more...]

Music making with iOS; the pros and cons; no. 1; no hard drive vs no hard drive

As a regular user of iOS in my own personal music-making workflow, I take no convincing of the various useful roles my iPad (or iPhone) can play. They are many and varied (itself a topic for another time) but, while I’m more than happy to exploit what IOS can offer, I do realise that I’m in a music tech minority. There are lots of musicians who (a) are aware of iOS technology but get their job done without needing an iPad to do it, (b) have perhaps been exposed to what iOS can offer but remain … [Read more...]

Lori & Johnny Murray – nice live performance of iPad-only track on BBC

I'm always happy to add a little promotion a some iPad-made music when it gets some mainstream exposure. So, with thanks to Ionut Murariu over on the iPad Musician Facebook Group for posting this, you might want to give the following YouTube video a watch and listen. The track was written by Johnny Murray with lead vocals from Lori but the obvious thing of interest for visitors to the Music App Blog is that the rest of the production was arranged, recorded, mixed and mastered under … [Read more...]

iFretless Bass music app review – virtual bass instrument from Blue Mango

When it comes to iOS music apps, some musicians do better than others. If you are a keyboard player, guitar player, recording fan or a drummer, then you are generally pretty well catered for. Others, perhaps, don’t have it quite so good. However, if you are a bass player, iFretless Bass - Blue Mango’s virtual bass instrument app – is an obvious candidate to consider. iFretless Bass has been around for some time. The first release appeared in March 2012, with v.2 posted in October 2012. Blue … [Read more...]

Launchkey 49 review – Novation’s MIDI controller keyboard for iPad

The iPad’s touchscreen is a wonderful thing and the virtual controls offered by many iOS music apps are a joy to use. However, there are plenty of occasions where some genuine hardware controls – piano keys, faders, rotary knobs or buttons – are either a better alternative to the touchscreen or can compliment the virtual interface of your favourite music apps. And, for most musicians, the most popular form that such a control surface takes is a MIDI controller keyboard. Novation’s Launchkey … [Read more...]

How to use a wireless network to transmit MIDI data between your iPad and desktop computer

When I was reviewing the rather excellent Chordion app for the blog, I mentioned that the app could be used in conjunction with a desktop DAW to transmit MIDI data to a synth track on the desktop system. Given just how good Chordion is for entering basic MIDI chord data, this is a very useful trick and something I’ve used regularly since buying the app to send MIDI data to Cubase 7 running on my iMac. In response to my comment in the Chordion review, I received an couple of emails from … [Read more...]

iOS music podcasts – new episodes to check out

I don't know about you but I'm a big podcast fan. The format is great for listening when out and about, in the car, doing some exercise or just at my desk and I want something tailored to my interests to keep me entertained and informed. If you are an established iOS music making fan, or just finding your feet with the whole iOS music world, then you really should check out both the Touch Music Podcast and the iOS Music & You Podcast. Both have new episodes online. The Touch Music … [Read more...]

AUFX:Space music app review – dedicated reverb app for iOS

The AUFX:Space music app is the first dedicated iOS reverb effect app I've reviewed for the blog. Produced by Kymatica, it is the first of a series of effects apps that are in development. While reverb and delay effects are built into many iOS music apps (DAWs, synths, guitar amp sims, etc.), as AUFX:Space's reason for being is reverb, it's perhaps worth considering some basics of effects like reverb and delay to set the review - which I'll come to asap below - into a broader context....  but … [Read more...]

Links and resources page for iOS musicians

I've had a slight reorganistion of the Music App Blog website structure today to make room for a page of links to other websites and online resources that contain information that might be of interest to the iOS/mobile musician. You can access this via the Links menu item at the top of the website. It includes other websites related to iOS music making, hardware/app developer websites and a selection of more general music and/or technology websites that cover mobile music topics. This is … [Read more...]