Cube Synth review – additive synthesis for iOS from VirSyn

If you have been around computer-based music production for any length of time, VirSyn will be a very familiar name as the company are well-known for their range of plugin virtual instruments and effects for desktop computers. They are also carving out a similar collection of iOS music apps and I have reviewed their Harmony Voice, Addictive Synth and AudioReverb apps previously on the blog. The latest addition to the VirSyn iOS product line is Cube Synth (UK£6.99). Cube Synth’s synth engine … [Read more...]

Cotracks music app updated – adds Audiobus support

I reviewed the excellent Cotracks music app – produced by Futucraft – a week or so ago and was very impressed with what it had to offer. It's a cool electronic music production tool made even more interesting by the way it allows up to four users to collaborate 'live' while sat around a single iPad. The app already offers recording and audio export options that mean it could be used as part of a wider recording/composition workflow. However, one of the things I did speculate about in the … [Read more...]

Cotracks giveaway results

Thanks very much to everyone who entered the draw for the Cotracks promo code giveaway. Yet again, there were an amazing number of entries and some very kinds words about the blog...  so, thanks again, and please keep reading. The names were drawn at random out of the hat this morning and all the winners should have now received an email with their redeem code details. Again, thanks to everyone who responded and a special thanks to Matti Jokipii of Futucraft - developer of Cotracks - for … [Read more...]

Arctic ProSynth music app review – aggressive iOS synth app from One Red Dog Media

As a developer, One Red Dog Media have been involved with iOS music apps for quite some time. The original Arctic Keys, for example, was first released in September 2011 and their Molten drum machine app goes back even further to October 2010. The latest release is the Arctic ProSynth music app – priced at UK£6.99 – and, as the name suggests, represents something of a step up in terms of features and capabilities from the original Arctic Keys. One Red Dog describe Arctic ProSynth as a modern … [Read more...]

Cotracks music app giveaway – promo codes up for grabs

I reviewed Futucraft's excellent Cotracks music app a few days ago and was really impressed with the idea and implementation of this 'musical collaboration' app where up to four users can jam together on a single iPad. Matti Jokipii from Futucraft has been kind enough to supply me with five promo codes for Cotracks to give away to readers here at the Music App Blog. As usual with the giveaways I run on the blog, the deal is simple; if you would like your name to go into the hat for one of the … [Read more...]

zMors music app review – 4 channel analog modelling synth from Sven Braun

Much as I love the best of the iOS music apps produced by the bigger music technology companies like IK Multimedia, Steinberg, WaveMachine Labs, Propellerhead or Waldorf, one of the brilliant things about iOS is that it has provided an environment within which smaller developers – and often just individual programmers – can carve a niche. Sven Braun strikes me as a good example of that and his recently released iOS analog synth app – zMors – looks both intriguing and just slightly quirky. And … [Read more...]

DIY send effects the Cubasis way – using Cubasis, Audiobus and iOS effects apps to create DIY send effects

In a number of recent music app reviews, I’ve mentioned a workaround involving Audiobus that allows you to use iOS effect app such as AudioReverb, VocaLive, AUFX:Space or AUFX:Dub as a sort of ‘DIY send effect’ within Cubasis. A couple of readers of the blog emailed me to ask for some further details on how this is done so I thought I’d provide a fuller description on the procedure here. There is also a free step-by-step PDF you can download if you wish. The advantage of insert and send … [Read more...]

Tape music app review – ultra simple stereo recorder for iPad from Focusrite

I’ve commented before on the blog about the attraction of the ‘app’ format that encourages developers to create more streamlined software. Software that, essentially, does one thing in a simple, uncluttered fashion but does it well. Apps like Figure, DrumKick, Drums, AUFX:Space or even Audio Mastering all fall into that category. Well, now we have another iOS music app to add to the list; Tape by Focusrite. KISS In fact, I think the Tape music app is probably the trying to win the 2013 ‘Keep … [Read more...]

MasterRecord music app updated to v.1.1

Regular readers here will be familiar with Igor Vasiliev’s effects processors for iOS. Hot on the heels of the update to his Audio Mastering app comes the v.1.1 update for MasterRecord. You can read the original review of MasterRecord here but the app - which allows you to add a little bit of analog-style tape emulation to your digital recordings - has had some new features added in this update in addition to some minor bug fixes. The most obvious additions are two additional tape flutter … [Read more...]