iOS11 delivery day – more ‘stick or twist’ decisions for iOS musicians?

As I'm sure every iOS musician is aware, iOS11 is due to be released later today and, around 6pm UK time (adjust accordingly for your own time zone) it ought to be available to download for any of the iOS hardware that will support the new version. That pretty much means iPhone 5S, iPad Air, or iPod Touch 6th gen. or newer. For general use - whether that's on your iPhone or iPad - there is little reason not to update as iOS11 has some cool new features. The new drag and drop features for … [Read more...]

midiFILTr-PG launched – interesting iOS MIDI ‘randomiser’ from Art Kerns

Art Kerns will be well known to regular iOS music apps users through his excellent midiSTEPs, midiLFOs and Funkbox, all of which I’ve reviewed here on the Music App Blog in the past. Art has a couple of other iOS music apps on the App Store in what's becoming a bit of a series - the mididFILTr apps - thet first two of which were aimed at Volca FM and Volca sample users. However, a third app in this series has arrived on the App Store today - midiFILTr-PG - and this might have a somewhat … [Read more...]

Arctic ProSynth update – One Red Dog Media add iOS10 support to their excellent synth app

I reviewed Arctic ProSynth from One Red Dog Media when it was first released and I was impressed by the combination of powerful, aggressive analog synth sounds and the balance struck between the degree of editing control offered and the ease with which that editing could be accessed. One Red Dog kept regular updates coming for the app for quite a while, with a combination of new features and technical improvements to build on the original release. These were always good to see but the basic … [Read more...]

midiSTEPs update – beautifully designed four-part iOS MIDI sequencer from Art Kerns gets further new features

I reviewed midiSTEPs on the blog just after it was released. There is some considerable iOS pedigree behind midiSTEPs as the developer is Art Kerns who will be well known to regular iOS musicians through apps such as midiLFOs and Funkbox, both of which I’ve reviewed here on the Music App Blog in the past. MidiSTEPs, at one level, is a fairly conventional step-based pattern sequencer with patterns featuring up to 64 steps (with control over step-length relative to the musical grid) and you can … [Read more...]

bs-16i update – further refinements for bismark’s multi-timbral virtual instrument

I mentioned bismark's bs-16i 16-part multi-timbral sample-based music app in my 'virtual instrument round-up' article some time ago. Given how blessed we are with some excellent iOS synth apps and the fact that we are starting to see some very high quality sample-based instruments appearing for iOS - with apps such as Korg Module now leading the way on that front - you could be forgiven for not getting overly excited by an app such as bs-16i based on the (fairly) humble SoundFont. With an app … [Read more...]

Midiflow update – MIDI utility app from Johannes Doerr gets further tweaks

I love my collection of iOS synths, guitar amp modellers and audio effects but, while ‘exciting’ might not be the word to describe them, I’m also glad I’ve got access to a number of very useful ‘music utility’ apps that I use on a regular basis. One of these Midiflow which I've reviewed previously here on the Music App Blog. Developer Jonannes Dorr first launched the app back in June 2014 but there had been a fairly regular stream of updates since then (suggesting a pretty active development … [Read more...]

AD 480 Reverb update – high-quality iOS reverb effect app from Fiedler Audio gets updated

I posted a review of the rather excellent AD 480 iOS music app from Fiedler Audio some time ago. AD 480 provides a high-quality reverb effect, with plenty of controls to shape your virtual space, a good set of presets in the 'pro' version, and both Audiobus and IAA support. However, the really novel feature is something that Fiedler Audio refer to as ‘dynamic upgrade’. Simply put, the app is provided in three versions; free, basic and pro (priced at ‘free (surprise!), UK£2.99/US$3.99 and … [Read more...]

SampleTank update – major update for IK Multimedia’s sample-based virtual instrument

With RAM at a bit of a premium in older iOS hardware, the iPad or iPhone is perhaps not the platform to expect the most sophisticated of sample-based instruments to exist. However, that hasn't stopped a number of iOS music app developers from trying to squeeze as much performance out of the hardware as is possible. IK Multimedia's SampleTank is an excellent example; as a diverse source of sample-based instrument sounds, it does a very respectable job. The app was originally four-part … [Read more...]

Mitosynth update – hybrid iOS synth from Wooji Juice Ltd gets further refinements and new patches

Wooji Juice's Mitosynth iOS music app has been with us for a couple of years now. I was very impressed with the app when I reviewed it just after it was released. Mitosynth looked great, sounded great (especially if you are into sound design and sound textures) and played nicely with other iOS music apps via Audiobus. It also provides a novel set of sound design tools that, while easy to use, provide a tremendous amount of flexibility for the keen programmer. It might not be my recommendation … [Read more...]