AudioReverb update and on sale – VirSyn update their iOS reverb effects app

If you have a mobile recording setup build around an iPad then you are probably already aware of VirSyn's excellent iOS reverb effect app AudioReverb. I reviewed AudioReverb when it was originally released. It provides an excellent range of reverb treatments and, at UK£6.99, is very modestly priced considering the results that can be obtained. The app originally shipped with an excellent range of reverb presets organised into different virtual spaces - halls, rooms, chambers, etc. - that make … [Read more...]

Garageband update – more tracks and inter app audio support added

With my geeky ‘Apple fan’ hat on, I sat and watched the live stream of the keynote launch event yesterday (October 22nd , 2013) mainly to get details of the new iPad (iPad 5th gen. or iPad Air as we now find out it has been named) and to see just how scary the pricing of the new Mac Pro was going to be (answer; very scary but the spec. does look pretty awesome if you can justify needing it). One rather nice surprise during the event was the updates announced for all the iWorks and iLife … [Read more...]

AUFX:Space updated – adds inter-app audio support

Kymatica have released an update to the excellent AUFX:Space on the iTunes App Store today. The headline addition to the app is the introduction of inter-app audio support. It's great to see developers being so quick off the mark to get this new iOS7 audio protocol into their music apps and, while we are still waiting for the mainstream DAW apps - Auria and Cubasis, for example - to integrate the technology, the potential for IAA looks considerable. In exchanging a few emails today with … [Read more...]

Inter App Audio – demo with pre-release version of Auria from WaveMachine Labs

If you are an iOS musician who is excited by the prospect of the new inter-app audio features that iOS7 has introduced and want to see the kind of thing that the new technology might make possible, then WaveMachine Labs have posted a nice video demo on YouTube that is well worth checking out. The video shows a brief example of a pre-release version of Auria's up-coming update - which, by the looks of things, will have support for inter-app audio - working with Nave to lay down some audio parts … [Read more...]

iOS7 – should you update?

Like many iOS musicians, I’ve been looking forward to the launch of iOS7 for some time and, as I posted earlier this week, there has been a real flurry of app updates on iTunes bringing ‘iOS7 compatibility’ to many of our favourite music apps. Equally – and this should come as no surprise to anyone with a few years experience as an computer user on their personal clock – as with any major OS update on any platform, there are bound to be a few gremlins. So, if you are an iOS musician, should you … [Read more...]

If it’s good enough for Elvis….

When I first started thinking about creating the Music App Blog, I was already a confirmed Apple addict. And like lots of Apple fans, I'm geeky enough (and honest enough to admit) that I like to watch the product launch events and keep up with the latest news about products or developments with existing ones. All of which explains why, earlier today, while catching up on some other work at my computer, I had the video replay of the keynote presentation from yesterday's  - September 10th - … [Read more...]