What’s the best iOS recording app?

There has been an interesting conversation going on on the iPad Musician Facebook page today in response to a question from a member who asked for advice on the best app for serious music production on an iPad. This is an interesting – if rather difficult to answer – question because the answer itself depends upon a large number of factors. The responses I read touched upon a number of these factors. For example, what might we mean by ‘serious’ music production? What’s the difference between … [Read more...]

Tape update – Focusrite add Audiobus support for Tape recording app

Focusrite have updated their ultra-simple stereo recording app Tape. I reviewed Tape when it was first released. Tape is about as a simple as a recording app can be but, with its retro styling and ultra-streamlined approach to the record-master-publish process, it’s the exact opposite of the ‘paralysis-by-analysis’ recording experience that can befall you if you combine a lack of self-disciple with a lot of music technology. The addition of Audiobus support means that you could now use … [Read more...]

Cubasis update – v.1.7 adds inter-app audio support

Steinberg has released v.1.7 of Cubasis today and the new version includes comprehensive support for the inter-app audio standard introduced as part of iOS7. Like Auria, IAA in Cubasis allows you to use IAA-compatible effects apps as either insert or send effects and provides support for IAA-compatible instruments. Of course, as Cubasis also supports MIDI tracks, you can sequence these IAA instrument apps within Cubasis itself. Having spent a little time with v.1.7 today and explored the … [Read more...]

Quality matters – has iOS got what it takes as an audio recording platform?

A few days ago, I was exchanging personal news with a long-standing musician and studio-owning acquaintance of mine whom I hadn’t spoken with in a couple of years. Just as we were wrapping the conversation up, I happened to mention that I had set up the Music App Blog and that it was a website based around iOS music production. His response caught me a bit by surprise; “Oh, I own an iPad but I wouldn’t really be interested in anything involving compressed audio formats”. At the time, I didn’t … [Read more...]

Auria update – adds inter app audio (IAA) support

As I posted a couple of weeks ago, WaveMachine Labs have been working away at getting inter app audio (IAA) support into the excellent Auria iOS DAW. There is now an Auria update available and, as of today, v. 1.130 of Auria provides IAA support. Having given this a quick spin this morning I can only say that it looks very promising indeed and the really good news is that it seems to work with both instruments and effects apps. WaveMachine Labs have already acknowledged that there are still a … [Read more...]

iOS DAW roundup – which recording app should you choose?

If you fancy turning your iPad into a multi-track recording studio, aside from all the other bits of hardware or other apps you might need, you need a DAW (digital audio workstation) app. There are quite a number of potential DAW apps available in the iTunes App Store that you might use. The question is, however, which of these DAW apps is right for you? While I've no intention of making this a comprehensive list, here's a quick roundup of some of the contenders that would be on my personal … [Read more...]

Silence is golden

How would you like to perform a little experiment? It won’t take long (seconds) and it won’t cost you anything but it is, for anyone who is relatively new to DIY recording, quite instructive. Yes? Then read on and let me set up the context…. I’ve posted before on why I think mobile devices – and iOS-based devices in particular – represent a significant new paradigm for the home, DIY or project studio musician. An iPad, accompanied by a small number of additional hardware items (some of them … [Read more...]

Cubasis music app updated – Steinberg release v.1.6 of their iOS DAW

Steinberg have released v.1.6 of their Cubasis music app today and the this version includes some excellent new features. Top of the list are some fairly significant developments in terms of the Cubasis audio engine. This has been completely reworked to make it more efficient (for example, improving audio rendering times). However, perhaps of most interest is that, with a suitable audio interface, Cubasis now supports 24-bit audio recording as well as 16-bit. Equally, users can now choose … [Read more...]

Auria video tutorial – DIY send effects using Audiobus

Thanks to those who have been in touch about the recent Auria 'DIY send effects' tutorial post. This covered a workaround involving Audiobus that allows you to use iOS effect app such as AudioReverb, VocaLive, AUFX:Space or AUFX:Dub as a sort of ‘DIY send effect’ within Auria and included a step-by-step walkthrough illustrating how to do this (I posted a similar tutorial looking at the same workaround for Cubasis a couple of weeks ago and you can find that here). For those that prefer a … [Read more...]