iRig BlueBoard update – software for wireless MIDI pedalboard controller for iOS from IK Multimedia gets iOS9 tweaks

I think it’s fair to say that the availability of guitar amp sims such as Amplitube, AmpKit, Jam Up Pro, BIAS FX and Mobile POD have done a lot to draw guitar playing musicians into the wider world of iOS-based music making. At its best, the quality of the amp, cab and effects modelling possible on an iPhone or iPad is almost as good as that offered by some of the top-end desktop software packages or dedicated hardware units such as Line 6’s POD devices. While the amp modelling and audio … [Read more...]

InTune update – Wittenberg University revamp their pitch sensitivity test app

I first reviewed InTune – produced by a team within the Music Department at Wittenberg University – a couple of years ago. The app provides the user with a test of their ability to distinguish between the pitch of two tones. The aim of the app is that, with practice, you will begin to improve your ability to hear intonation differences and this, in turn, will bring benefits to your all-round music skills (for example, in spotting instrument tuning issues). Using the app is simplicity itself. … [Read more...]

Michael Wadlow – an experimental collection of tracks from 2014

Because of working on the Music App Blog, I'm lucky enough to get sent all sorts of links to interesting music created through iOS technology. I don't get the chance (or time) to mention them all here on the blog but I'm happy to pass on the occasional mention when I think it might really be of interest. Michael Wadlow will be a familiar name to many die-hard iOS musicians as he is probably one of the more prolific members of the iOS music making community. Michael has released a number of … [Read more...]

Cotracks giveaway results – 10 lucky winners

Thanks very much to everyone who entered the draw for the Cotracks promo code giveaway, whether via sending me a specific message via the Contact Us route or via signing up for the Music App Blog Email Newsletter (which, as a reminder, automatically gets you entered to all the promo code giveaways we run on the blog as long as you remain on the list). The names were drawn at random out of the hat this morning and all the winners should have now received an email with their redeem code … [Read more...]

iPad Air performance test – first pass testing for music apps

While I’d missed the 4th gen. iPad upgrade, as I commented last week, I did decide to take the plunge with the iPad Air. While I’ll reserve a more comprehensive judgement on the performance improvements between the two units for another time, as my new iPad was delivered yesterday, I thought readers might be interested in some first impressions and, in particular, some rough and ready initial performance comparisons. As light as….. Before getting into some usage stats, it is worth noting that … [Read more...]

Why choose iOS for music making? – iOS Music Making: A Beginner’s Guide

Music technology in context I’m writing this in early November 2013. If you are a young musician just taking your first steps in your journey of learning, making, performing and recording music, it’s quite probably that, outside of pictures, you may never have seen a cassette deck or a reel-to-reel multi-track recorder or a hardware compressor or a patch bay or, beyond the live desk found half way back from the stage at a big gig, even a multi-channel hardware mixing desk. Of course, all … [Read more...]

Quality matters – has iOS got what it takes as an audio recording platform?

A few days ago, I was exchanging personal news with a long-standing musician and studio-owning acquaintance of mine whom I hadn’t spoken with in a couple of years. Just as we were wrapping the conversation up, I happened to mention that I had set up the Music App Blog and that it was a website based around iOS music production. His response caught me a bit by surprise; “Oh, I own an iPad but I wouldn’t really be interested in anything involving compressed audio formats”. At the time, I didn’t … [Read more...]

BIAS coming soon – Positive Grid provide teaser for new amp modelling processor for iPad

As regular readers on the blog will know, I'm a bit of a fan of the various guitar amp sim apps that are available for iOS. I've reviewed the leading contenders here previously - Amplitube, AmpKit+, Mobile POD, Overloud THM (available as a plug-in within Auria) and, of course, JamUp Pro XT. The developers behind JamUp Pro - Positive Grid - obviously have something new up their sleeves as yesterday they released a teaser video for a new iOS guitar amplifier modelling processor called BIAS. You … [Read more...]

Music App Blog newsletter – free guide when you signup

The Music App Blog has an email newsletter system and, if you want to get a weekly fix of iOS music news and a concise round-up of news, views and reviews from the blog - plus automatic entry into all our promo code giveaway draws - then you can signup below to receive all of this in a convenient email format. Subscribing to the Music App Blog newsletter will - hopefully :-) - help the blog build a community of users who can share their iOS music making experiences. In signing up for the … [Read more...]