Guitar for iOS anyone? – Fender Strat with iOS connectivity

As an iOS musician whose primary instrument is the electric guitar, I'm always keen to find out about products that might allow me to connect these two interests. So, with thanks to Music App Blog regular Jason Andreo who sent me a link to this, I was quite intrigued to see the details of Fender's 'iOS ready' Stratocaster guitar. With a street price of around UK£600 this is, first and foremost, a pretty well-specified mid-range Strat with a HSS pickup combination and available in two … [Read more...]

What’s the best iOS guitar amp sim?

I had a couple of visitors to the blog contact me in a similar position and with a similar question in the last week. Both were (a) new to music technology, (b) fairly new to iOS and (c) primarily guitar players. Their question boiled down to ‘what’s the best iOS guitar amp sim app?’ and, quite naturally, they were looking guidance, advice or recommendations. Now, as any non-blinkered member of the guitar playing community will know, guitar tones are a very personal thing; one player’s sonic … [Read more...]

AmpKit music app updated to v.1.7

Agile Partners' excellent AmpKit music app guitar amp sim has been updated today to v.1.7. The developer has stated that this update, which adds three new amplifier models plus some additional pedals, brings the total number of amplifier channels (some amps have more than one channel) to over 100. The three new amps are modelled upon a Mesa Studio .50 Cailber, a Marshall JMP Lead 50W (I used to own one of these; it was VERY loud) and, for bass players, an Ampeg SVT-CL. These are available … [Read more...]