iOS guitar amp sim roundup – virtual guitar rigs for the iOS owning guitar player

Regular readers of the Music App Blog will know that the only instrument I claim any degree of proficiency upon is the guitar. That means, of course, that when it comes to recording my own music, a lot of it involves guitars and, in particular, electric guitars. I’ve had a recording tech habit for more years that I care to recall…. and while I’ve been lucky enough to have a recording space for my own use for many of those years, it has very much been a home/project studio environment (up … [Read more...]

AmpKit update – Agile Partners add new features in v.2.2

Keen iOS-owning guitar players will already be familiar with Agile Partners AmpKit+ iOS guitar amp sim app. I've reviewed the app, Agile's LiNK HD guitar interface (made in collaboration with Peavey) and various updates to AmpKit in the past. AmpKit is one of a crop of very good iOS guitar amp sims and, if you are just getting into your iPhone or iPad as a rather cool platform for music technology, it is well worth checking out alongside the obvious competition. AmpKit has been around on the … [Read more...]

AmpliTube Orange for iPad review – IK Multimedia create a warm, fuzzy glow for iOS guitarists

I like to think that I’m pretty open minded about my guitar sounds and, while I have a couple of favourite guitars, a trusty amp and a couple of digital guitar amp modelling devices that I generally go to as a first choice starting point, I’m more than happy to employ different tools if they suit the task in hand. Fortunately (for me and other iOS guitar players), on my iPhone or iPad, when it comes to guitar amp modelling software, there are plenty of very good choices with Mobile POD, BIAS, … [Read more...]

Flying Haggis Guitar Amp review – db audioware bring their desktop amp sim to the iPad

Fortunately – for the World’s anti-boredom quotient anyway – musicians are not all made the same; we like different styles of music and we like different sounds. One consequence of this is that we all use different tools to get our own specific (musical) job done, whether that’s some mega-spec digital recording studio stuffed with goodies or a dodgy budget acoustic guitar from a second-hand shop; if it cranks your particular handle, then just keep on cranking. My main musical instrument is … [Read more...]

Flying Haggis Guitar Amp launched – db audioware bring their desktop amp sim to the iPad

If you have hung around here for any length of time then you will already know that the only musical instrument I claim any real competence on (and, even then, only on a good day) is the electric guitar. Understandably, therefore, I'm always keen to give a new bit of guitarist-friendly software a bit of a spin. And when that software has the phrase 'flying haggis' in the title, how is it possible to resist? So, without further ado, welcome to the wonderful world of db audioware's Flying … [Read more...]

AmpKit update – new features for live performance use

Agile Partners' excellent AmpKit music app guitar amp sim has been updated today to v.2.0. AmpKit has always been a great sounding iOS guitar amp sim and it offers a very flexible system of tone creation for the iOS guitarist. This update brings two new features that will particularly appeal to those users who would like to use their iOS device in a live performance setting. First, you can now create 'setlists' . These are essentially a set of sequenced AmpKit preset patches that you can … [Read more...]

AmpKit music app – Agile Partners add new amp models

Users of Agile Partners' excellent AmpKit music app guitar amp sim can access some new additional amps and effects from the AmpKit Gear Store as of today. The AmpKit update v.1.8 adds four new amplifier models plus two new pedals. The new amps are modelled on a 1975 Marshall Master Model JMP 2203 100x lead, a Lab Series 5, a Mesa Mark IIC+ and an Ampeg SVT-YR. The new pedals are based on the TC Electronic Integrated Preamplifier and a Tech21 SansAmp Bass Driver. The various amps and effects … [Read more...]

JamUp Pro expansion packs – review

As I indicated recently, Positive Grid’s excellent iOS music app JamUp Pro has just been upgraded to v.2.4.1. The highlights of the update are a couple of new in-app-purchase amp bundle expansion packs, a new IAP pitch-shifter pedal, a revamp of the ToneSharing features and a Live View mode that will be very welcome to those brave souls who boldly go where few guitarists have gone before and gig with their iPhone or iPad instead of one of those oh-so-old-fashioned guitar amp thingies…. Having … [Read more...]

JamUp Pro XT updates

Positive Grid's JamUp Pro is one of the best iOS amp modelling sims available (see my original JampUp Pro review here) and has just been updated to v.2.4.1. This upgrade brings both new features and some significant new in-app-purchases. In terms of new features the app now includes a re-design of the ToneSharing system (similar in principle to the excellent system offered by Line 6 for the various POD/Spider amp products). This allows users to search, and then download from, a large catalogue … [Read more...]