Master FX update – multi-effects processor adds iOS10 support

I reviewed Igor Vasiliev's Master FX (UK£4.99/US$5.99) app when it was first released. The app provides an excellent range of standard audio effects/processors including parametric EQ, chorus, flanger, delay, reverb and a compressor. The level of control is comprehensive and, with Audiobus and IAA support, the app is also easy to use within a wider iOS workflow. There is no AU support as yet (that would be great to see at some point though) but this is a great tool for general recording … [Read more...]

Svep launched – Klevgränd Produktion add a modulation effect to their iOS music app lineup

If you are a fan of audio effects apps then you may already own both SquashIt and VanDelay from Klevgränd Produktion. SquashIt is an audio effect app that provides a three-band distortion effect and, what it lacks in masses of controls, it makes up for is sound and ease of use. VanDelay uses a similar three-band configuration but this time applies it to a delay effect. It's a brilliant little app and, while you can use a single band to do fairly conventional delay/echo effects, when you use … [Read more...]

Effectrix review – multi-effects processing with step sequencer control from Sugar Bytes

As I’ve confessed on these pages before, I’m a big Sugar Bytes fan. I use Turnado and Thesys in both their iOS and desktop formats on a regular basis in my own music production work and WOW Filterbox also gets regular exercise on my iPad system. As a result, I’m always keen to give any new products from the Sugar Bytes stable a close inspection and was intrigued to see if the iPad release of Effectrix (another port from one of their desktop software applications) would keep up their … [Read more...]

UltraPhaser review – dedicated phaser app from Elephantcandy

A few weeks ago, I reviewed Elephantcandy’s Level.24, a very well featured iOS audio effect app that combines a spectrum analyser, EQ, compressor and limiter. I was suitably impressed with the features offered by Level.24. It sounds good and with what seems like a very solid Audiobus implementation, it is easy enough to integrate with your other iOS music apps. The only obvious feature that you would put on a wishlist would be inter-app audio support (and, hopefully, that will be forthcoming in … [Read more...]

Swoopster review – creative effects processor from Holderness Media Inc.

Earlier this week, I played a little catch-up and reviewed Echo Pad by Holderness Media. This app has been around in the App Store for quite some time but the relatively recent addition of inter-app audio (IAA) nagged me in to taking a look. And very nice it is to in a slightly unconventional, ‘effect to be noticed’ sort of a way. You can read the full review of Echo Pad here. There was, of course, another reason for getting Echo Pad processed through my ‘to do’ list; the arrival of … [Read more...]

Master FX update – multi-effects processor adds IAA support

I reviewed Igor Vasiliev's Master FX (UK£7.99) app a few weeks ago when it was first released. Igor has now posed v.1.1 of the app on the iTunes App Store. The update includes the usual array of minor fixes and tweaks including some improvements to the compressor module and a loop mode for playback of audio files within the app. However, the highlight new feature is support for inter-app audio (IAA) to go alongside the existing Audiobus support. For an app like Master FX - which serves as a … [Read more...]

Master FX giveaway results

Thanks very much to everyone who entered the draw for the Master FX promo code giveaway, whether via sending me a specific message via the Contact Us route or via signing up for the Music App Blog Email Newsletter (which, as a reminder, automatically gets you entered to all the promo code giveaways we run on the blog as long as you remain on the list). The names were drawn at random out of the hat this morning and all the winners should have now received an email with their redeem code … [Read more...]

Master FX review – multi-effects app for iPad from Igor Vasiliev

If you have been a regular visitor to the Music App Blog for a while, you might recall that I’ve reviewed both the MasterRecord and Audio Mastering apps from Igor Vasiliev (iMusicAlbum). I was impressed by both of these apps and for a touch of analog warmth or to add some final ‘mastering’ punch and sparkle to your stereo mix, both apps have plenty to offer the iOS musician who uses their iPad for multi-track recording duties. Igor is now back with a third iOS effect app to tempt you with; … [Read more...]

AudioReverb update and on sale – VirSyn update their iOS reverb effects app

If you have a mobile recording setup build around an iPad then you are probably already aware of VirSyn's excellent iOS reverb effect app AudioReverb. I reviewed AudioReverb when it was originally released. It provides an excellent range of reverb treatments and, at UK£6.99, is very modestly priced considering the results that can be obtained. The app originally shipped with an excellent range of reverb presets organised into different virtual spaces - halls, rooms, chambers, etc. - that make … [Read more...]