Korg iPolysix synth studio – music app review

Korg have really embraced iOS as a music-making platform and music apps such as iMS-20, iKaossilator and iElectribe have been enthusiastically received by the majority of users. The latest offering is the iPolysix that, as its name suggests, is a software recreation of their hardware synth from the early 1980s. Unlike the excellent MS-20 (and the iMS-20 app) – which was monophonic – the original Polysix was polyphonic and, of course, the app reflects that. In fact, in the app recreation, you … [Read more...]

Music app review – NLogSynth Pro by Tempo Rubato

In the world of desktop music making, there is a bewildering choice when it comes to software synths. And just like their hardware equivalents, software synths come in a variety of (virtual) types; whether it’s recreations of classic analog or digital synths or novel approaches that have no equivalent outside the zeros and ones. Despite being a much younger platform, music apps aimed at iOS musicians are starting to become an equally impressive set of options. As with any other app type, … [Read more...]

Korg iMS-20 analog synth – music app review

Korg’s original hardware MS-20 was released in 1978 and, in the world of analog synthesisers, became a bit of a classic. As a two-oscillator monophonic synth, it shared some similarities with the more up-market ARP 2600 including the ability to re-patch the signal in various ways. This, along with a shed load of knobs, made for a very flexible synth that offered some excellent options for keen programmers, without being so over-the-top, that novice users would be too intimidated. With a ‘who’s … [Read more...]