Uberchord Guitar updated – free guitar tuition app with chord detection gets new features

I reviewed the interesting guitar tuition app Uberchord Guitar from Uberchord Engineering last week. While the app was released back in April 2015, I’ve only recently had a chance to explore it The app is designed for iPhone (but scales up fine for the iPad), requires iOS8.0 or later and is a 33MB download. Oh, and aside from a few IAPs that allow you to unlock options for alternate tunings, all the app’s usual features are supplied for free. Like most tuition apps, Uberchord Guitar is … [Read more...]

Uberchord Guitar review – free guitar tuition app with chord detection

As I’ve commented before here on the blog, iOS music apps are about more than apps for making music; there are also some excellent tools for learning about music. When it comes to learning the guitar, there is a massive potential audience for these sorts of tuition tools and I’ve reviewed a number of candidates here on the blog including the very popular Yousician app that now also covers piano and ukulele. Another interesting candidate is Uberchord Guitar from Uberchord Engineering. While … [Read more...]