Tonebridge review – practice tool with instant guitar tones and an AU twist

A couple of weeks ago, I posted an article in the 'less is more' series looking at whether Audio Units (AU) plugin support under iOS was far enough along its development path to be considered as all you might need. I put together my personal set of AU host (Cubasis in my case) plus a small selection of AU plugins - synths, drums, effects, etc. - that could form the basis of my iOS music making workflow. My conclusions - perhaps not surprising at this point in time - was that AU was nearly … [Read more...]

Music app review – Jam Maestro by David Blake

When I first looked at the Jam Maestro music app, the obvious comparison that sprang to mind was with Guitarism, an app that I reviewed a few weeks back. In brief, Guitarism is designed to provide a compact (iPhone-sized!) playable acoustic guitar virtual instrument. The emphasis is placed upon being able to actually play, in real-time, a performance that doesn’t sound a million miles away from a real acoustic guitar. To do this, Guitarism includes strings that you strum or pick with one thumb … [Read more...]