iOS guitar amp sim roundup – virtual guitar rigs for the iOS owning guitar player

Regular readers of the Music App Blog will know that the only instrument I claim any degree of proficiency upon is the guitar. That means, of course, that when it comes to recording my own music, a lot of it involves guitars and, in particular, electric guitars. I’ve had a recording tech habit for more years that I care to recall…. and while I’ve been lucky enough to have a recording space for my own use for many of those years, it has very much been a home/project studio environment (up … [Read more...]

Amp ONE review – streamlined guitar amp simulator app from Vladimir Titov

When it comes to iOS music apps, there are some categories that are better served (and even more crowded) than others. Synth apps, for example, are in abundance on the App Store and, while there are some that are best avoided, there are also a huge number of very impressive software instruments that are a match for anything available on the desktop. Equally, there are some categories that are less well served – pitch correction and audio editing would make my personal list here – and that are … [Read more...]

ToneStack review – Yonac’s guitar amp sim and its Motherload of virtual kit

I did a quick launch day review of Yonac’s ToneStack a few weeks ago when it first appeared on the App Store as I’d been lucky enough to get access to a pre-release version of the app and had spent a couple of days experimenting with it. Overall, I was very impressed and, as the app was launched with introductory pricing of UK£2.99, I’d have no hesitation in saying the base app represents excellent value for money… and, incidentally, that introductory pricing is still available as of the time of … [Read more...]

ToneStack launches – Yonac’s highly awaited guitar amp sim hits the App Store

Developer Yonac Inc. will be familiar to most iOS musicians of any long standing as they have a number of iOS music apps on the App Store including the much loved and very popular Magellen synth. There has been quite a buzz in anticipation of their latest app – ToneStack - ahead of its release and, if you have been eagerly waiting, then that wait is now over; ToneStack in in the App Store and, for a limited time only, is available at an introductory price of UK£2.99. If you haven’t guess … [Read more...]

Flying Haggis update – db audioware release v.1.1 of their guitar amp sim

There are a number of very good guitar amp sim apps available for iOS and some of them, as well as sounding good, are also very well featured. However, if you like to keep things simple - perhaps you just like the 'classic' way of working involving an amp, a cab and a few stomp boxes - then all those options might just get in the way. That's where an app like Flying Haggis might come in. I reviewed this somewhat alternative take on the software recreation of a guitar rig when it was released … [Read more...]

Mobile POD update – Line 6 add IAA support

If you have any interest in guitar-related technology then Line 6 will be a very familiar brand. I'm most certainly a fan having, over the last 10+ years, used their hardware guitar amp modellers, digital amps, desktop software and, now under iOS, their guitar amp/cab/effect modelling app Mobile POD. Mobile POD is a little bit unique when it comes to iOS guitar amp sims in that it is tied with a piece of hardware; the Line 6 Sonic Port. I reviewed the Sonic Port when it was first released. It … [Read more...]

BIAS review – Positive Grid move iOS amp creation and modelling to a new level

As regular readers here will be aware, as a guitar player, I’m a bit of a fan of iOS guitar amp sim apps such as Amplitube, AmpKit+, Mobile POD and JamUp Pro, all of which I’ve reviewed here on the Music App Blog. Like myself therefore, dedicated iOS guitarists will, of course, have been keenly waiting for BIAS after Positive Grid (the developers behind the excellent JamUp Pro) announced the app and fed us a short trailer for the app a few weeks ago. The company have gradually released some … [Read more...]

BIAS coming soon – Positive Grid provide teaser for new amp modelling processor for iPad

As regular readers on the blog will know, I'm a bit of a fan of the various guitar amp sim apps that are available for iOS. I've reviewed the leading contenders here previously - Amplitube, AmpKit+, Mobile POD, Overloud THM (available as a plug-in within Auria) and, of course, JamUp Pro XT. The developers behind JamUp Pro - Positive Grid - obviously have something new up their sleeves as yesterday they released a teaser video for a new iOS guitar amplifier modelling processor called BIAS. You … [Read more...]

JamUp Pro sale and Positive Grid competition

If you are a fan of Positive Grid's iOS guitar amp modelling, then there are a couple of bits of JamUp Pro news you might be interested in. First, the app is currently - and for a limited time only - available at 25% off of the normal price so, if you have been thinking about acquiring the full version of JamUp Pro XT, then now is a good time to do it. JamUp Pro is an excellent iOS guitar amp sim and you can read the full Music App Blog review of the app if you want to see (and hear - there … [Read more...]