Horn Section HD update – Go Independent Records bring us more brass loops

Brass instruments – and in particular, solo brass instruments – can be amongst those that fall into the ‘difficult to do with samples’ category. Yes, it depends upon the complexity of the music, how ‘exposed’ the solo instrument is within the overall production and just how good the sample-library behind the virtual instrument is. Brass sections are perhaps a little easier to pull off, especially if it is just a few stabs or a swell here or there…. but, even so, to make it sound ‘real’ can still … [Read more...]

Horn Section HD review – Go Independent Records bring us brass loops in an iOS app

Yes, this is going to be a review of the new iOS music app Horn Section HD, but first, a little context. As the saying goes, there is more than one way to skin a cat…. and, when it comes to making music, the choice of approaches are pretty much infinite; no rules… you just do what works for you (providing, of course, you don’t infringe anyone else’s copyright!). At a more specific level, the same ‘multi-choice’ exists with specific instrument groups. For example, with drums, you can record a … [Read more...]