iOS all-in-one electronic music production apps roundup

When it comes to making music – whether the platform is hardware based, desktop-based or mobile-based – there are limitless different ways you can get the job done. However, for electronic music production, where the focus is placed upon synths, samples and sequencing, there are all sorts of software options that can allow you to do the whole task within a single environment. On the desktop, perhaps the classic example of this is Propellerhead’s Reason. While Reason now includes audio … [Read more...]

Master the muse – building an ‘ever-ready’ music app toolkit for your iPhone

If you subscribe to the Music App Blog email newsletter you might recall that a couple of weeks ago I asked subscribers to let me know what they thought was the biggest bottleneck to their iOS music creativity. I got a whole raft of different answers but there were two themes that cropped up above all the others as causes of productivity blocks. First, several readers suggested their key issue was being able to capture an idea quickly before the tiny spark of inspiration slipped away. … [Read more...]

Getting started with iOS music making

So, you're a musician and you’ve seen the ads for music apps like Garageband; you know that the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch can do ‘music stuff’ above and beyond playing back your favourite iTunes downloads. But what exactly can these iOS devices offer the musician? Or perhaps you already own an iPad (or iPhone or iPod Touch) and are unsure of how to tap into this musical potential? Whether you have already bought into Apple’s mobile computing technology or not, this 'how to' article will … [Read more...]