Samson Meteor USB Mic review

Yep, this is going to be a review of the Samson Meteor USB mic, but first, let’s consider just a little bit of context as this helps identify which iOS musicians might find this mic most appealing …. My generation While it is perfectly possible for experienced music technology professionals to identify the current limitations of iOS as a music making platform, for a whole new generation of musicians, their iPhones, iPod Touch or iPad is their first close encounter with hi-tech music creation. … [Read more...]

Focusrite iTrack Solo audio interface for iPad – Music App Blog review

Budget aside, the most problematic aspect of finding an audio or audio+MIDI interface for a desktop computer system that fits your own specific needs is picking from the multitude of choices. Whatever you think you want in terms of numbers of inputs (with or without phantom power), outputs or MIDI connectivity, there is likely to be something available from one of the well-established manufactures such as RME, MOTU, Tascam, Behringer, Line 6, Apogee, NI, Avid, M-Audio, Alesis, etc. However, … [Read more...]

Touch-screen Revolution – or why music apps will change the way you create music using your project studio DAW

The mobile device has bought the freedom to make music almost anywhere. Whether it’s iOS or Android or smartphone or tablet, music apps can let you indulge your music-making habit - on the bus, on the train or on the beach – the choice is yours. And while, as yet, the software available for musicians on these mobile platforms can not match that available for the desktop/laptop format in terms of the power and total features, they are still pretty amazing – GarageBand, NanoStudio, AmpKit+, djay, … [Read more...]

NanoStudio from Blip Interactive – music app review

Garageband aside, at the time of writing, there is probably one other iDevice music app that has built itself a substantial following – Blip Interactive’s NanoStudio. While the next few months will undoubtedly bring a slew of new options, the app was one of the first serious virtual recording environments for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and, as such, established itself an early foothold. Of course, there are now a lot of other recording/music composition tools available, so is NanoStudio … [Read more...]

GarageBand for iPad – music app review

If you are a musician with a smartphone or tablet device, there is an abundance of music apps to tempt you. However, for Apple device owners, one such app is difficult to miss – GarageBand. For Mac users, GarageBand has been around for some time, making up one third of the ‘creative’ iLife suite that also includes iMovie and iPhoto. On the Mac, all three programs are highly regarded but perhaps considered more consumer-level than ‘pro’ in nature – in essence, a stepping stone from which novice … [Read more...]