apeFilter review – apeSoft bring surgical EQ processing to iOS

Developer apeSoft will be familiar to many iOS musicians through their various iOS music apps. These include iDensity, Stria and iPulsaret (all UK£5.99) plus the rather wonderful (and, to me, quite intimidating to program!) iVCS3 synth-meets-audio effect. If you have encountered any of these apps then you will know that apeSoft don’t really do ‘conventional’. Indeed, the iVCS3 – as a virtual recreation of a classic hardware synth from days gone by – is perhaps as conventional as it gets and, … [Read more...]

Level.24 review – compressor, limiter and EQ effects from Elephantcandy

The advent of Audiobus and, more recently, inter-app audio (IAA) has made the concept of stand-alone iOS audio effects apps a much more viable proposition all round and this looks like it will be given fresh impetus by the soon-to-be-released Audiobus 2. We have, therefore, seen a modest flurry of dedicated iOS effects apps such as AUFX:Space (and the other AUFX series apps), Master FX, AudioReverb, EchoPad and Turnado to name just a few. One developer in this area that slipped under my … [Read more...]