AUFX:Dub music app updated – new features added to iOS delay effect app

A few weeks ago I reviewed Kymatica's AUFX:Dub music app - a dedicated delay effects processor app for iOS - and part of developer Jonatan Liljedahl's AUFX series of apps (which also features the excellent AUFX:Space). AUFX:Dub is brilliant, and if you are interested in building a collection of apps for iOS recording duties, then it is well deserving of a place in your app collection. It works well with Audiobus and can be configured with either Cubasis or Auria using the DIY send effects … [Read more...]

AudioReverb music app review – reverb effect app from Virsyn

Here in the UK, there is a saying about waiting for a bus (or any form of public transport)… “I waited around for ages and then two came together….’. Well now this also applies to reverb effect apps on iOS as, hot on the heels of AUFX:Space that I reviewed a couple of weeks ago comes the AudioReverb music app – another dedicated reverb effect app – produced by VirSyn, the developers behind the excellent iSyn Poly, Harmony Voice, Addictive Synth and iVoxel. AudioReverb is priced at UK£6.99 from … [Read more...]