Drum Session review – Derek Buddemeyer and Blue Mangoo collaborate on new iOS drum app

We are blessed with some excellent iOS drum apps whether you want to create acoustic drum parts of rock/pop/indie styles or electronic drums for more… well…  electronic music styles. Personally, I think the latter of these two categories is brilliantly served with apps that are just as good as the options available on the desktop. However, when it comes to the former, then virtual drummer software such as Toontrack’s Superior Drummer (or the entry-level version EZ Drummer) or BFD from FXpansion … [Read more...]

Drum Session giveaway results – three winners of new iOS drum

As I posted a week or so ago, we have a new 'virtual drummer' app on the App Store; Drum Session. The app represents a collaboration between well-known iOS musician Derek Buddemeyer and the Blue Mangoo team (of iFretless fame) and has been known to been in development for some time. And, if you have followed any of the online discussion around the app, you will have read that EZ Drummer was, in broad terms at least, the sort of ethos behind Drum Session. That's not to say that Drum Session is … [Read more...]

Get well soon Derek….

Long standing iOS musicians will know about Derek Buddemeyer via his YouTube channel where he posts lots of iOS music/guitar related stuff and he is a big supporter of the iOS music technology scene. Derek has recently had a bit of a health scare and, while he is obviously now doing his best to recover with some medical support, he has posted a video about the incident which is well worth watching if you want to put music making into a bit of wider life context. Anyway, here's sending … [Read more...]