Envelope Reverb review – quality iOS reverb effect from DDMF in an AU format

At the start of this week, I posted a review of the new(ish) 6144 EQ plugin for iOS from Christian Siedschlag's DDMF. This is a AU-only format equaliser plugin whose inspiration was the highly regarded Neve 5033 hardware EQ processor. I've no idea how close 6144 - at a price of just UK£7.99/US$9.99 - gets to the (very!) expensive Neve but is sounds very good in its own right and, as an AU plugin (so you can use multiple instances of it in a suitable AU host), it is perhaps amongst the first … [Read more...]

6144 EQ review – 5-band EQ from DDMF in an AU format

Unless you have been hiding in an internet-free cave, or you are a freshly minted fan of all things iOS music technology, the odds are you have spent some time wondering just when Apple’s Audio Units (AU) format for iOS was really going to take off. The original introduction of AU was, for many iOS musicians, the highlight of iOS9’s launch but, in practice, the adoption of AU by our usually very responsive music app development community has been…. well, let’s say muted…. This slow pace of … [Read more...]