Jam Maestro updated – David Blake releases v.3 with lots of new features

I reviewed the Jam Maestro music app about a year ago for the blog and, while at one level, it is a 'playable' guitar instrument (actually, a playable guitar, bass and drums instrument), at another it offers a slightly more unique function as a tab-based composition tool. This is great for working up guitar-based demos or song ideas while on the move and the tab-based sequencing environment is going to feel like a fairly friendly place for most self-taught guitar players. David Blake - Jam … [Read more...]

Music app review – Jam Maestro by David Blake

When I first looked at the Jam Maestro music app, the obvious comparison that sprang to mind was with Guitarism, an app that I reviewed a few weeks back. In brief, Guitarism is designed to provide a compact (iPhone-sized!) playable acoustic guitar virtual instrument. The emphasis is placed upon being able to actually play, in real-time, a performance that doesn’t sound a million miles away from a real acoustic guitar. To do this, Guitarism includes strings that you strum or pick with one thumb … [Read more...]