Cyclop review – Sugar Bytes port their monster monophonic bass synth to iOS – and throw in a game for free

Sugar Bytes have a bit of a cult following amongst desktop musicians. Their various virtual instruments and effects appeal to the more experimental electronic music producer and, whatever your own particular take on the products, the approach is always slightly left-of-centre (in a good way), always interesting, always deep (that is, there is a learning curve required) and often requires good eyesight (er… the user interfaces have a lot packed into a small space). A good number of these … [Read more...]

Cyclop launched – Sugar Bytes bring an iPad Edition of their monster bass synth to the App Store

Now I'm happy to admit to being a big fan of Sugar Bytes. Whether it's on the desktop or under iOS, their music software products always seem to offer something unique, powerful, deep and just a touch left-of-centre. I have, of course, reviewed a number of their iOS offerings here on the Music App Blog before. The brilliant multi-effects options that are provided by Turnado or Effectix, the excellent filter variations provided by WOW Filterbox, the super-flexible step sequencer that is Thesys … [Read more...]