Cubasis update – v.1.7 adds inter-app audio support

Steinberg has released v.1.7 of Cubasis today and the new version includes comprehensive support for the inter-app audio standard introduced as part of iOS7. Like Auria, IAA in Cubasis allows you to use IAA-compatible effects apps as either insert or send effects and provides support for IAA-compatible instruments. Of course, as Cubasis also supports MIDI tracks, you can sequence these IAA instrument apps within Cubasis itself. Having spent a little time with v.1.7 today and explored the … [Read more...]

Cubasis music app updated – Steinberg release v.1.6 of their iOS DAW

Steinberg have released v.1.6 of their Cubasis music app today and the this version includes some excellent new features. Top of the list are some fairly significant developments in terms of the Cubasis audio engine. This has been completely reworked to make it more efficient (for example, improving audio rendering times). However, perhaps of most interest is that, with a suitable audio interface, Cubasis now supports 24-bit audio recording as well as 16-bit. Equally, users can now choose … [Read more...]