BT series update – Positive Grid’s Bluetooth footpedals get some tweaks

If you have been hooked into the wonderful world of iOS music making for any length of time then Positive Grid will need little by way of introduction. Their headline iOS music apps – JamUp Pro, Final Touch, BIAS Amp and BIAS FX - have all made a significant impact and guitar players in particular have been very well served. As well as porting some of their iOS apps over onto the desktop (a brave move given the established competition), PG also announced some time ago that they were going … [Read more...]

BT series announced – Positive Grid put their best foot forward

If you are a fully signed up member of the iOS guitarist community then you might be pretty interested in the news release from Positive Grid - the developers behind the excellent BIAS and JamUp Pro guitar amp design/modelling apps, about their upcoming BT series of floorboard/footswitch hardware controllers designed for use with iOS devices. Rather like IK Multimedia's iRig BlueBoard, the two BT series devices - the BT-4 and the BT-2 - use Bluetooth technology to send MIDI data to your iOS … [Read more...]