BIAS Pedal update – Positive Grid’s ‘design your own distortion pedal’ app gets some tweaks

I posted a full review of BIAS Pedal back in October. BIAS Pedal is Positive Grid's iOS music app that allows you to design your own distortion pedal in much the same way that BIAS Amp allows you to design your own guitar amplifier. Yes, for the non-guitar playing iOS musician fraternity, this might all sound a bit nerdy but the idea is not a million miles away from the modular synth apps that allow you to build your own synth designs. OK, so you might have to have a certain amount of OCD … [Read more...]

BIAS Pedal review – Positive Grid let you design your own distortion pedal in an iOS app

There are lots of (mainly arbitrary) ways that you can classify both music and musicians. Given that I’m a fully signed up member of the guitar players union (and, therefore, not about to be accused of poking fun at others without poking fun at myself also), let’s see if I can provide one such classification for electric guitar players. In this classification, we have four groups and, while they are most certainly not mutually exclusive (a single guitar player can belong to more than one group), … [Read more...]

BIAS FX Desktop review – Positive Grid launch desktop version of BIAS FX

Positive Grid have established themselves as one of the leading iOS music app developers with their guitar rig sim apps. This started with JamUp, moved on to BIAS Amps and, more recently, saw BIAS FX launched. They are, of course, also the developers behind the excellent Final Touch mastering processor for iOS. I’ve reviewed all of these apps here on the blog at one stage or another, most recently looking at BIAS FX for iOS. This can be seen as a re-working of the functions of JamUp Pro – it … [Read more...]