Bram Bos updates – Troublemaker, Ripplemaker and Phasemaker all updated

I reviewed all of Bram Bos' various iOS music apps here on the blog including Troublemaker, Ripplemaker and Phasemaker. They are all very good indeed, but the first two on this list are something special. I suspect both will make my 'top 10 of 2017' list when the time rolls around. Anyway, all three apps received similar updates on the App Store late yesterday. As well as 'minor housekeeping', the key change listed is 'optimisations for use with BeatMaker 3'. I suspect this is mostly involved … [Read more...]

BeatMaker 3 launched – Intua deliver long-awaited v.3 of their iOS DAW/sequencer – and on SALE

Intua's BeatMaker has been around on the App Store in one form or another for a very long time. BeatMaker 2, despite its name, is a full-fledged music production environment and I reviewed the app a few years ago here on the blog. Intua have obviously been continuing work on the app - and it has a loyal following - but they are not one of the developers that pump out regular updates. However, the app did receive regular attention to support the user base as iOS music tech itself has … [Read more...]