Ravenscroft 275 Piano launched – UVI deliver an iOS piano app with a seriously good spec

Regular iOS music makers will be very familiar with the UVI brand through their excellent BeatHawk electronic music production app. While the company have a long track record in sample libraries/virtual instruments for the desktop, BeatHawk was (and still is) an impressive debut under iOS and UVI have simply added to the feature set with every update. However, today sees the launch of a new iOS app from UVI; Ravenscroft 275 Piano. Now, we already have a number of very impressive virtual piano … [Read more...]

Ripplemaker review – Bram Bos adds AU modular iOS synth to his app catalogue

As I mentioned when reviewing Troublemaker from Bram Bos in early January, that app is already a favourite for inclusion in my ‘top 10 iOS music apps of 2017’ when I get to mull over that annual thought process in a few months time. Troublemaker is an absolute triumph on a number of levels. The control set is deep enough to coax a variety of sounds from the synth engine but without putting off the less well qualified synth dabblers, the pattern sequencer is genius in design, the app runs as an … [Read more...]

TC-11 update – Bit Shape add Audiobus 3 support to their flagship performance-based synth app

As I mentioned some time ago, I have a bit of a guilt trip about never having got around to reviewing Bit Shape's rather interesting iPad synth app TC-11. The app is priced at UK£23.99/US$24.99 - in the upper end of the iOS synth price bracket. However, if you like your synths, and in particular, your performance interfaces, to fully exploit what the touchscreen has to offer musicians, then TC-11 is most certainly worth a look. The unique feature of the app is the performance interface that … [Read more...]

Jam Maestro update – David Blake’s tab-based sequencer gets Audiobus 3 support

I posted a review of the Jam Maestro v.3 update on the blog when it first appeared in spring of 2014. Jam Maestro has always been an interesting 'guitarist-friendly compositional tool' but, with v.3, it moved some significant steps forward. If you are a guitar player who likes to compose on the move or who wants a sequencing environment tailored to your view of the world rather than that of a keyboard player, then Jam Maestro is well worth checking out. Developer David Blake has continued to … [Read more...]

Ripplemaker launched – Bram Bos adds AU modular iOS synth to his app catalogue

As I mentioned early today, one of my favourite 'new for 2017' iOS music apps - Troublemaker - received an update today. No sooner had I pressed 'publish' on that news item than an email appeared in my inbox from developer Bram Bos with details of another app that is released today.....  Ripplemaker hit the App Store this morning. Ripplemaker is described as a 'West Coast Flavoured Modular Synth' and, if you are familiar with Troublemaker then there are plenty of elements in the new app that … [Read more...]

Troublemaker updated – Bram Bos adds Audiobus 3 support to his 303 inspired AU iOS synth

As I mentioned back in January when doing a full review, Bram Bos latest iOS music app is Troublemaker and, as the name suggests, this is going to be an app with a certain amount of attitude. It doesn't disappoint and it has already gained a very enthusiastic audience....  I think it's a shoe-in for my own 'top 10 iOS music apps of 2017' list when the time rolls around.... Anyway, if you have not already, do read the full Troublemaker review for the details...  but the app has already had a … [Read more...]

DrumPerfect Pro update – Audiobus 3 support for excellent iOS virtual drummer app

When the original DrumPerfect was released, it caused quite a stir amongst iOS musicians. While we have not been short of drum-based apps, in terms of realistic acoustic drum performance, DrumPerfect was a bit of a revelation. OK, so it wasn't perhaps the most beautiful software to look at, and the workflow could, at times, have been somewhat slicker, but the ingenious sample playback engine managed to squeeze a remarkable level of sonic detail from a pretty modest sample pot and the … [Read more...]

ChordFlow updated – iOS MIDI chord sequencer app gets improved Audiobus 3 support

I did a round-up article a good while ago here on the Music App Blog that looked at the various ‘MIDI performance’ apps available for iOS. A couple of apps that have appeared since that article are ChordUp and Clawtar, both from developer Dmitry Klochkov. Both bring a slightly different take on the whole MIDI note creation process and I'm sure many iOS musicians could find a use for either app amongst their utility apps. Both are also available for pocket money prices. Dmitry's new app  - … [Read more...]

ChordPolyPad update – Laurent Colson updates his powerful iOS MIDI performance app

Virtual MIDI keyboards on a touchscreen are not to everyone's taste....  and, if your actual keyboard skills are a bit on the shaky side (like mine), then a MIDI performance app of some sort can be a very helpful alternative.... And, in that context, ChordPolyPad, which I did a full review of some time ago, is a very powerful tool. In essence, the app is very simple; you get multiple banks of trigger pads into which you can define any chord you like with full control over how that chord is … [Read more...]