Synthecaster update – Daniel Resnick adds Audiobus 2 support

Since the release of Audiobus 2 with its excellent new State Saving feature, we have seen a gradual stream of app developers starting to implement the new Audiobus SDK and include support for this feature. For example, as I posted this morning, all of the brilliant Sugar Bytes iOS music apps have just been updated with support for State Saving. Daniel Resnick's guitarist-friendly MIDI performance app Synthecaster is another app that has now been updated to include this … [Read more...]

Audiobus 2 vs IAA performance experiments – squeeze until dry?

Having reviewed Audiobus 2 on release, last week I reported the results of a very unscientific experiment to see just how far I could push my iPad Air using Audiobus 2 and, once I’d reached a comfortable limit, attempted to see how close I could (or couldn’t) get to that performance on my older iPad 3. The results were interesting and, while there was no great methodology behind what I attempted – I just piled in with a collection of apps in what, for me, might be a typical music project – I … [Read more...]

FunkBox updated – Synthetic Bits add significant new features to their excellent drum machine app

It was over a year ago when I first reviewed FunkBox by Synthetic Bits (or, to give the app its full title 'FunkBox Drum Machine') and, while I also use DM1 when I need a virtual drum machine for a musical idea, I've always enjoyed FunkBox, with its retro styling and easy-to-use interface. Oh, and it sounds pretty good too so, if you haven't checked out the original review, do take a look. While the app had a couple of updates just after I did my original review, this week has seen the first … [Read more...]

Audiobus 2 performance experiments – how low can you go?

I reviewed Audiobus 2 on launch day last week on the blog. As I commented then, I think Audiobus 2 is brilliant, both in terms of the overall concept and also in its initial implementation. The key new features – multiple signal chains, the ability to use more than one Effects slot in each signal chain, presets and State Saving – all bring their own step forward in terms of either workflow or creativity (or both). For the iOS musician, Audiobus 2 is a significant release; buy it and also budget … [Read more...]

Audiobus 2 review – the most eagerly awaited iOS music app of the year finally arrives

If you have been making music under iOS for any length of time, Audiobus will undoubtedly feel like an old friend. I reviewed the original release back in January 2013, a couple of months after it had first been released and the initial trickle of apps with support for Audiobus started to grow into a steady flow. Since then, that flow has become a torrent and, in all but the rarest of cases, Audiobus support is now seen as a essential feature in an app for many (the majority?) of iOS … [Read more...]

Audiobus 2 has landed – plus a compatible State Saving apps list

It's been quite a wait but, as of today, Audiobus 2 is with us and available for download from the iTunes App Store. If you already own the original Audiobus app, then the new version is a free update. As a new purchase, the UK£2.99 price is chump change and, if you are an iOS musician who doesn't yet own Audiobus then this is about as 'must have' an app as there is ever likely to be. Aside from a subtle - but very slick - restyling of the interface, there are, of course, those new features … [Read more...]

Audiobus 2 news – launch date announced

We have been heard the hints, listened to the online chatter and been teased by the official pre-release videos about the various headline features but - at last - we now know when Audiobus 2 is due to launch. The screenshot shown below has just landed via email to all those interested potential users on the Audiobus mailing list. The message is short and sweet but it means that, by this time next week - Thursday 3rd of April to be exact - Audiobus 2 is going to be with us. If you are new to … [Read more...]

Swoopster updated – support for Audiobus 2 State Saving added

Regular readers will recall that I reviewed the Swoopster iOS music app back in December. This app - developed by those nice people at Holderness Media who are also responsible for the excellent Echo Pad and Stereo Designer - offers a creative audio effects processor that specialises in loud and proud and in your face effects, with a combination of flanger, fuzz and vibrato effects all controlled (as in Echo Pad) via tapping and swiping on your iPad’s touchscreen. Swoopster includes support … [Read more...]

DM1 update – Fingerlab add IAA support to their brilliant drum machine

While I love the sound of DrumPerfect for creating realistic acoustic drum performances, when it comes to something more in the classic drum machine category I tend to reach for Fingerlab's DM1 more than any other tool. I reviewed DM1 way back in August 2013 and there have been a couple of minor updates since then. It remains, however, my first choice, with a clean interface, some nice samples and the ability to use MIDI clock sync to play alongside Cubasis. Fingerlab have released a … [Read more...]