Korg SALE still on – Korg’s mega iOS music apps still ON SALE including Gadget

I posted a full review of the v.3.0 release of Gadget for iOS a couple of weeks ago here on the Music App Blog. The new audio recording support is impressive and the fact that many features new to v.3 were supplied to existing users as a free update was also an impressive gesture from Korg.   The iOS update was, of course, timed to co-incide with the release of Gadget for OSX. Yes, I promised a review of that also... ¬†and it is coming (but first I've got to convince my wife that I've … [Read more...]

Gadget 3.0 review – audio recording the highlight in Korg’s mega iOS electronic music production tool update

When Korg first released Gadget in 2014, I think it is fair to say that they pretty much smashed it. The app bought a combination of a novel approach, a format that suited iOS beautifully (in terms of features vs ease of use), a very slick UI and an eclectic mix of included virtual instruments - gadgets - that added up to an instant hit. Gadget was a shoe-in for my own personal 'iOS music app of the year' in 2014. What is also bought almost from day 1, was a promise from Korg to add audio … [Read more...]