iRig HD 2 review – IK Multimedia raise the iOS guitar interface bar

At times, IK Multimedia have had their share of detractors amongst the iOS music making community (most notably for their use of in-app ads but, thankfully, this is criticism they have responded to) but they are certainly a company that has embraced the iOS platform full-on. The R&D costs of developing software for a relatively new platform are considerable yet IKM have produced a number of very creditable music apps, AmpliTube, SampleTank, VocaLive, iGrand and iLectric amongst them. … [Read more...]

Steinberg UR22 mkII review – high quality 2-in/2-out interface with iOS support

Making music under iOS is not all about apps; for most musicians it will also involve getting audio and MIDI data into, and out of, their iOS devices. And, as I’ve covered in the iPad Recording Studio series, that means you need some additional hardware to sit alongside your iPad or iPhone. With computer-based recording now very much accessible to all, there are all sorts of audio and MIDI interfaces out there for the hi-tech musician to pick from. However, not all of them are happy … [Read more...]

Focusrite iTrack Dock review – compact audio+MIDI interface for iPad musicians

Earlier today, I published a review of the Alesis iTrack Dock II on the site. For a street price of UK£135, this provides you with a 2-in/2-out audio interface with MIDI connectivity, support for guitar, line and condenser mics inputs (including switchable phantom power), balanced outputs for your main monitors and a headphone output. Your iPad slots into the ‘dock’ element and Alesis provide support for both 30-pin and Lightning-based iPad hardware…  although the dock itself is sized for the … [Read more...]

Alesis iODock II review – compact audio+MIDI interface for iPad musicians

Anyone who has dabbled with their iPad as a potential multitrack recording studio will be aware that there are some very good apps for that. Whatever your own personal choice – Cubasis, Auria, Garageband, Multitrack DAW, etc. – the potential is obviously there. However, in order to fully realise that potential, you need a means of getting decent quality audio in to, and out of, your iPad and, if you are fond of the odd bit of synthesis (aren’t we all?) then you also need MIDI connectivity. In … [Read more...]

SPL Crimson review – well-specified desktop audio/MIDI interface that also works with iOS

If you want to construct a mobile recording system around your iPad (or even iPhone), keeping things super-portable would lead you to devices such as the iRig Pro or perhaps the the iTrack Solo. Both of these devices (and others like them) combine very decent audio recording quality with a relatively small footprint and price tag. However, compact interfaces inevitably come with a stripped-down specification and/or feature list. If you want more features and flexibility, then you need to look up … [Read more...]

Griffin Studio Connect HD – coming soon (er… ish)

After I put up the news item about the soon-to-be-launched Focusrite iTrack Dock, reader Bob Santoro pointed me at what looks like a similar unit from Griffin; the StudioConnect HD. I've now had a chance to look at Griffin's announcement details - and to read an interesting discussion about the unit over on the discchord website - and it does, indeed, look like a very similar basic design to the Focusrite unit. Griffin already have a number of hardware items aimed at iOS musicians including … [Read more...]

iRig PRO review – compact audio+MIDI interface for iOS from IK Multimedia

When it comes to making music on the iOS platform, IK Multimedia have invested some considerable time, effort and resources in developing their range of add-on hardware and apps. With the high-quality, guitarist-friendly, iRig HD launched just a couple of months ago (you can read the Music App Blog review here), IK Multimedia are back with the iRig PRO, a new product that builds on that the iRig HD pedigree. This time, however, they have taken things a step further - in fact, two steps … [Read more...]

iRig PRO – new compact audio+MIDI interface from IK Multimedia

Musicians who want to keep their iOS music production system as compact as possible might well be interested in news from IK Multimedia about their new iRig PRO product. The unit, which builds upon the technology used in a number of the IK's existing iOS hardware add-ons, combines a high quality XLR/1/4" jack audio input with switchable phantom power alongside MIDI connectivity, all in a unit similar in size to the existing iRig HD and with a similar set of cables to then connect to your 30-pin … [Read more...]

iRig HD review

IK Multimedia’s new iRig HD is now available and promises iOS guitarists a step up in audio quality from the original iRig hardware. That original unit has been one of the biggest selling accessories for guitar playing iOS musicians over the last couple of years. I reviewed the original iRig back in April 2012 and it undoubtedly opened a lot of guitarist’s eyes (and ears) to the possibilities offered by their iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad for mobile music making. So, if you own the original iRig … [Read more...]