Less is more; part 6 – a compact ‘AU-only’ iOS music app collection for music production

When I did my usual crystal ball gazing and ‘wish listing’ post to mark the end of 2016 and the start of 2017, I speculated – and hoped – that this year might (finally) see the Audio Units plugin format make a real impact under iOS. This wasn’t a risky prediction, nor an unusual wish, as I’m sure lots of iOS music makers would have shared both thoughts. Indeed, many would also comment ‘about time’ considering AU was first introduced by Apple in iOS9 and we are only a few months away from seeing … [Read more...]

Bram Bos updates – Troublemaker, Ripplemaker and Phasemaker all updated

I reviewed all of Bram Bos' various iOS music apps here on the blog including Troublemaker, Ripplemaker and Phasemaker. They are all very good indeed, but the first two on this list are something special. I suspect both will make my 'top 10 of 2017' list when the time rolls around. Anyway, all three apps received similar updates on the App Store late yesterday. As well as 'minor housekeeping', the key change listed is 'optimisations for use with BeatMaker 3'. I suspect this is mostly involved … [Read more...]

Ravenscroft 275 Piano updated – UVI refine the performance of their excellent iOS piano instrument

I posted a full review of UVI's Ravenscroft 275 Piano app just after it was launched. The app has caused a bit of a stir amongst iOS piano players and many folk think the sound and dynamic response of Ravenscroft make it the best acoustic piano app we currently have. The virtual instrument is obviously intended to be a recreation of the high regarded (and very expensive) Ravenscroft 275 grand piano which – if you are into hardware acoustic pianos – comes with a specification to die for. UVI … [Read more...]

BeatMaker 3 launched – Intua deliver long-awaited v.3 of their iOS DAW/sequencer – and on SALE

Intua's BeatMaker has been around on the App Store in one form or another for a very long time. BeatMaker 2, despite its name, is a full-fledged music production environment and I reviewed the app a few years ago here on the blog. Intua have obviously been continuing work on the app - and it has a loyal following - but they are not one of the developers that pump out regular updates. However, the app did receive regular attention to support the user base as iOS music tech itself has … [Read more...]

Modstep updated – AppBC bring Audiobus 3 support to their iOS MIDI sequencer for iPad

Regular iOS music makers will be familiar with AppBC as the developer behind Studiomux and Modstep apps. I did a full review of Modstep just after it was launched and the feature set is impressive. You can use unlimited MIDI tracks and there is support for multiple MIDI continuous controllers on each MIDI track so you can modulate your sound sources to keep your sounds changing, etc. The first significant update added Audio Units (AU) support which was great to see. A further update has … [Read more...]

Lorentz updated – iceWorks add AU support to their flexible iOS synth app

I reviewed Lorentz Polyphonic Synthesizer from developer iceWorks when it was first released. There is a lot to like about this synth. It combines a very easy price (currently UK£5.99/US$5.99) with equally easy programming and still manages to sound very good indeed. It also included Audiobus and IAA support from the off, a decent MIDI specification and Ableton Link support was added in an update about 12 months ago. The further update to the app arrived on the App Store today taking the app … [Read more...]

Ripplemaker giveaway results – five winners of brilliant AU modular iOS synth

As I mentioned when reviewing Troublemaker from Bram Bos in early January, that app is already a favourite for inclusion in my ‘top 10 iOS music apps of 2017’ when I get to mull over that annual thought process in a few months time. So, you will forgive me if I was a little excited by the arrival of Bram’s latest app – Ripplemaker – which arrived on the App Store a couple of weeks ago. Ripplemaker is described as a ‘West Coast Flavoured Modular Synth’ and....  well, I wasn't disappointed; … [Read more...]

Dubstation 2 released – Audio Damage add a further iOS AU port to their growing catalogue

No sooner than I'd reviewed both Rough Rider 2, Grind Distortion and Eos 2 by Audio Damage then they release another iOS music app; Dubstation 2 (and with thanks to Music App Blog reader Justin for the heads-up on the app's arrival on the App Store). Audio Damage have built quite a reputation as creators of desktop plugins over the last few years and it's great to see the software being ported over to iOS...  and they are obviously on a bit of a roll :-) Dubstation 2 is yet another such port … [Read more...]

Eos 2 review – Audio Damage raise the bar for iOS algorithmic reverb

As I posted just before the week-end, no sooner than I'd reviewed both Rough Rider 2 and Grind Distortion by Audio Damage then they released another iOS music app; Eos 2. Audio Damage have built quite a reputation as creators of desktop plugins over the last few years and it's great to see the software being ported over to iOS...  and they are obviously on a bit of a roll :-) Eos 2 is a further such port and, in this case, we have an algorithmic reverb. The iOS version apparently brings … [Read more...]