M/S Proc and iConvolver updates – processing apps for iOS from ART Teknika get some tweaks

I posted reviews of ART Teknika’s convolution reverb app iConvolver and mid-side processor M/S Proc – around a year ago when both were first released. I was suitably impressed with both apps. They did a good job and the user-interfaces are simple to use. Both apps were also sensibly priced and, while there is plenty of competition in terms of convolution reverbs, we do perhaps have fewer options when it comes to mid/side processing....  although that, itself, it perhaps something of a more … [Read more...]

M/S Proc review – compact mid-side processing app for iOS from ART Teknika

I posted a review of ART Teknika’s first iOS music app release – the convolution reverb app iConvolver – earlier this week. I was suitably impressed with the app and, while it obviously faces some well-established competition (for example, in AltiSpace), it does a good job and the user-interface is simple to use. It is also currently available of a 50% off launch pricing of just UK£2.99/US$3.99. Really? A convolution reverb for the price of a large, high-street, coffee? No, I don’t understand … [Read more...]

iConvolver review – compact convolution reverb app for iOS from ART Teknika

There is a nice discussion (Friday night argument over a beer or three) to be had about the ‘most important processors’ required when it comes to the mixing stage of a project. In terms of getting your basic mix together, with each element of the performance balanced, it is difficult to look beyond EQ and dynamics control (compression, limiting, etc.). However, there is a good case for ‘ambience’ or ‘spatial’ placement being next in the pecking order and a core part of that may well revolve … [Read more...]