Arpeggionome Pro update – iOS arpeggio tool from Alexandernaut gets Ableton Link support

Arpeggionome Pro has been around on the iTunes App Store for quite some time (v.1 was released in December 2012) and I finally got around to a full review of the app in September 2014 (my bad!). As regular readers here will know, my keyboard playing sucks (also my bad) so I'm quite fond of the occasional helping hand that an arpeggiator function can provide. We have lots of synths with dedicated arp functions and also a couple of stand-alone arpeggiator apps (Arpeggist from VirSyn for … [Read more...]

Arpeggionome Pro review – iOS arpeggio tool for all from Alexandernaut

While there are lots of app reviews available to read here on the Music App Blog there are, frankly, a lot more iOS music apps available on the iTunes App Store. Now, some of these are… well… let’s be polite and just say that they are better left undiscovered. However, there is a long (actually, very long) list of iOS music apps that are most certainly worthy of reviewing and that, to date, I simply haven’t managed to get around to (oh, and as aside, if you have a favourite app that you know I … [Read more...]