Music App Blog article – No toys allowed

I was exchanging email with an music app developer a few days ago and, aside from saying some kind things about the blog (which is always nice), he made an observation that iOS music apps needed some ‘serious reviews’ so that they could overcome their ‘toy status’. It's easy to see where he was coming from; all that work developing an app and it gets set alongside the Angry Birds clones. And because of the almost pocket money pricing of many apps, they can’t really be more than just disposable … [Read more...]

Music App Blog article – Where are the audio editor apps?

I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly surprised – and in a good way – by what music app developers can make happen on my smartphone and tablet computers. Apps like GarageBand, NanoStudio, AmpliTube, Figure, iMS-20 and V-Control Pro always make me smile when I fire them up – so cool and so capable – and these are just a few examples I could have picked as there are many, many others I could add to this list. In a very short time, the world of mobile music software has become a surprisingly … [Read more...]

Top Ten Music Apps

If you are new to the world of music apps for your mobile device, and bewildered by the choices offered by the App Store or Market Place, where should you start? Well, this is obviously a personal list, and the coming months will obviously bring a whole slew of alternative music apps to tempt us, but here is what would be my current ‘starter for ten’ – a top ten list of the music apps that I have on my own iPhone/iPad. I intend to look at all of these in more detail in later posts but, for now, … [Read more...]

Mobile Revolution

The recording of music has always been a process associated with cutting edge technology - whether that was the first ever sound recording, the development of multi-track tape-based recording and through to the latest, computer-based digital audio workstations (DAWs) which can cram as much recording technology into ones and zeros as would have been found in many a multi-million pound 'real' studios only 10 or so years ago. And while there are also sorts of perfectly valid reasons why it is still … [Read more...]