Music App Blog news – Cubasis v.1.1 with Audiobus support

Steinberg have today released the first update to their iOS DAW music app Cubasis and it's now available on the App Store to purchase (or as a free download to existing owners). As discussed in my earlier review of Cubasis when it was first released a few weeks ago, it is an app that has the potential to be very good indeed. For those who use the desktop version as their main DAW, Cubasis is a bit of a no-brainer if you are looking for an iOS DAW as it allows projects to be moved across to the … [Read more...]

Music app review – Cubasis by Steinberg

As regular readers here will be aware, the iOS platform already has a wide range of music apps aimed at musicians. Yes, amongst the masses on iTunes, there are some to be avoided but the best of the bunch are very good indeed. And while this is still undoubtedly a music making environment that has plenty of room to mature, apps like Auria by WaveMachineLabs have very clearly demonstrated that an iPad can, in the right hands and with the right audio I/O hardware, be used to make some very … [Read more...]

Music app review – Harmony Voice by VirSyn

As someone with what might best be described as an ‘untrained’ singing voice, I’ve always been a sucker for software that can give the less than confident singer in me a helping hand. On my desktop system, I have therefore used all the mainstream vocal processing products. Aside from those that provide a distinctive sound (effect chains of compression, EQ, delay and reverb, etc.), two sorts of tools stand out here; pitch correction and harmony generation. Both of these sorts of tools have … [Read more...]

Music app review – liveBPM by Daniel Bach

One of the things that I’ve always found appealing about the world of iOS music apps is that, by necessity, developers create apps that are much simpler than the majority of desktop software. That’s not to say that more complex apps are not available or very effective on mobile platforms – Garageband and Auria are perfect examples of just how well featured iOS music software can be – but the streamlined approach has a lot to recommend it, including the absence of a steep learning curve and all … [Read more...]

OverLoud THM amp modelling for Auria – music app review

In their desktop recording systems, recording musicians take for granted the ability to integrate multiple software packages into their working environment and 3rd party plug-ins into their DAW of choice. On mobile platforms such as the iPad things have not yet reached the same level of maturity and while some music apps can work ‘in the background’ or communicate with other apps, there is not – as yet – the same ability to work with multiple bits of software (your favourite synth, favourite … [Read more...]

MIDI Designer Pro – music app review

If you want to use your iPad’s touchscreen as a virtual control surface you’re your desktop DAW, there are now a number of different music app options available including V-Control Pro, DAW Remote HD and Absum-8. Each of these come with pre-configured options that support the major DAWs such as Logic, Cubase Pro Tools, Ableton Live or Reason (amongst others) and, while there primary function tends to be the provision of mixing and transport controls, other control options are supported (in … [Read more...]

Music app review – Anytune Pro HQ by Anystone Technologies

When I was first trying to learn the guitar, teaching aids were either books or the occasional audio resource. To slightly re-word a well-worn phrase, these were the bad old days and, today, the range of teaching tools available for musicians is varied, vast and a whole lot more engaging. Anytune Pro HQ – from Anystone Technologies - is a music app definitely falls in the latter category. The principle offered here is quite straightforward; Anytune Pro HQ allows you to take any audio file on … [Read more...]

Triqtraq from Zaplin Music – music app review

I wrote a post a little while ago about how the touchscreen capabilities of a smart device provide the developers of music apps (well, those developers prepared to think beyond the conventional way instruments are played) with an opportunity to design performance interfaces that focus on creativity rather than virtual representations of piano keys and guitar strings. We already have a number of music apps that do just that; the brilliant Figure, the occasionally bizarre but very playable … [Read more...]

Music app review – Quiztones from Audiofile Engineering

A couple of weeks ago, I looked at Audiofile Engineering’s FiRe 2 field recorder music app for the iPhone, iPod and iPad and that got a definite thumbs up for recording tasks such as capturing a quick musical idea, recording an audio presentation/lecture or creating a podcast. Audiofile Engineering also develop other music/audio related apps and one other interesting title in their range is Quiztones. While this is not strictly a ‘music making’ app, like other titles such as Guitar Toolkit or … [Read more...]