AmpKit update – Agile Partners deliver Audiobus support under iOS8

As a bit of a guitar tone nerd, I've never been shy of using just one guitar amp sim when two (heck, five or six) might be a load more fun. We are blessed with a good crop of iOS guitar amp sim apps so, if you have the inclination, there is lots of variety and choice available. Agile Partner's AmpKit+ is one of the more long-standing apps in this group and I've reviewed the app, Agile's LiNK HD guitar interface (made in collaboration with Peavey) and various updates to AmpKit in the … [Read more...]

AmpKit update – Agile Partners add new features in v.2.2

Keen iOS-owning guitar players will already be familiar with Agile Partners AmpKit+ iOS guitar amp sim app. I've reviewed the app, Agile's LiNK HD guitar interface (made in collaboration with Peavey) and various updates to AmpKit in the past. AmpKit is one of a crop of very good iOS guitar amp sims and, if you are just getting into your iPhone or iPad as a rather cool platform for music technology, it is well worth checking out alongside the obvious competition. AmpKit has been around on the … [Read more...]

What’s the best iOS guitar amp sim?

I had a couple of visitors to the blog contact me in a similar position and with a similar question in the last week. Both were (a) new to music technology, (b) fairly new to iOS and (c) primarily guitar players. Their question boiled down to ‘what’s the best iOS guitar amp sim app?’ and, quite naturally, they were looking guidance, advice or recommendations. Now, as any non-blinkered member of the guitar playing community will know, guitar tones are a very personal thing; one player’s sonic … [Read more...]

AmpKit update – new features for live performance use

Agile Partners' excellent AmpKit music app guitar amp sim has been updated today to v.2.0. AmpKit has always been a great sounding iOS guitar amp sim and it offers a very flexible system of tone creation for the iOS guitarist. This update brings two new features that will particularly appeal to those users who would like to use their iOS device in a live performance setting. First, you can now create 'setlists' . These are essentially a set of sequenced AmpKit preset patches that you can … [Read more...]

AmpKit music app – Agile Partners add new amp models

Users of Agile Partners' excellent AmpKit music app guitar amp sim can access some new additional amps and effects from the AmpKit Gear Store as of today. The AmpKit update v.1.8 adds four new amplifier models plus two new pedals. The new amps are modelled on a 1975 Marshall Master Model JMP 2203 100x lead, a Lab Series 5, a Mesa Mark IIC+ and an Ampeg SVT-YR. The new pedals are based on the TC Electronic Integrated Preamplifier and a Tech21 SansAmp Bass Driver. The various amps and effects … [Read more...]

AmpKit music app updated to v.1.7

Agile Partners' excellent AmpKit music app guitar amp sim has been updated today to v.1.7. The developer has stated that this update, which adds three new amplifier models plus some additional pedals, brings the total number of amplifier channels (some amps have more than one channel) to over 100. The three new amps are modelled upon a Mesa Studio .50 Cailber, a Marshall JMP Lead 50W (I used to own one of these; it was VERY loud) and, for bass players, an Ampeg SVT-CL. These are available … [Read more...]

Using your iPad for live music performance; a starter kit for the performing iOS guitar (or bass) player

Let's imagine you are interested in the idea of using your iPad for live music performance. As a guitar or bass player, what might that involve? Let's take the term 'performing' here in its broadest sense; any guitar of bass playing musician who wants to use the iPad (or iPhone or iPod Touch) as a sound source. The 'performance' itself might simply be during personal practice or, for the more adventurous, in a live performance in front of paying punters. The first of these is perhaps a less … [Read more...]

Music App Blog News – AmpKit+ updated to v.1.6.3

As regular readers to the blog will know, I'm a big fan of iOS guitar amp sims. One of my favourite such apps - AmpKit iOS music app by Agile Partners - has been updated this week with v. 1.6.3 now available on the App Store. AmpKit+ is a brilliant app and, used with the Peavey/Agile Partners recently released LiNK HD I/O interface, is capable of creating some excellent guitar tones for both recording and performance uses. With more iOS musicians now looking to exploit the higher quality … [Read more...]

Music app review – AmpKit+ by Agile Partners

As a music app developer for iOS, Agile Partners go right back to the very first day of the App Store in July 2008 and, as I commented in a previous review, I’m a big fan of their Guitar Toolkit app. Of course, the company also produce AmpKit – a guitar amp, cab, effects modelling package – that is available in a free version or the paid ‘+’ version that includes extra amps and effects. In addition, there are a whole slew of additional amps, cab and effects available either individually or as … [Read more...]