iOS guitar amp sim roundup – virtual guitar rigs for the iOS owning guitar player

Regular readers of the Music App Blog will know that the only instrument I claim any degree of proficiency upon is the guitar. That means, of course, that when it comes to recording my own music, a lot of it involves guitars and, in particular, electric guitars. I’ve had a recording tech habit for more years that I care to recall…. and while I’ve been lucky enough to have a recording space for my own use for many of those years, it has very much been a home/project studio environment (up … [Read more...]

Music app review – AmpKit+ by Agile Partners

As a music app developer for iOS, Agile Partners go right back to the very first day of the App Store in July 2008 and, as I commented in a previous review, I’m a big fan of their Guitar Toolkit app. Of course, the company also produce AmpKit – a guitar amp, cab, effects modelling package – that is available in a free version or the paid ‘+’ version that includes extra amps and effects. In addition, there are a whole slew of additional amps, cab and effects available either individually or as … [Read more...]

Music app review – JamUp Pro XT by Positive Grid

Guitar tones are, of course, a very personal thing and, what one player likes another may not. Guitarist’s ability to experiment with different tones has been transformed by digital modelling of guitar amp, cabinets and effects pioneered by the likes of Roland, Digitech and – perhaps most famously – by Line 6 with their ground-breaking POD desktop modelling devices. Whatever your position on whether amp modelling gets close to the sound of a real valve amp, the latest incarnations of the … [Read more...]

GarageBand for iPad – music app review

If you are a musician with a smartphone or tablet device, there is an abundance of music apps to tempt you. However, for Apple device owners, one such app is difficult to miss – GarageBand. For Mac users, GarageBand has been around for some time, making up one third of the ‘creative’ iLife suite that also includes iMovie and iPhoto. On the Mac, all three programs are highly regarded but perhaps considered more consumer-level than ‘pro’ in nature – in essence, a stepping stone from which novice … [Read more...]