Alesis iODock II review – compact audio+MIDI interface for iPad musicians

Anyone who has dabbled with their iPad as a potential multitrack recording studio will be aware that there are some very good apps for that. Whatever your own personal choice – Cubasis, Auria, Garageband, Multitrack DAW, etc. – the potential is obviously there. However, in order to fully realise that potential, you need a means of getting decent quality audio in to, and out of, your iPad and, if you are fond of the odd bit of synthesis (aren’t we all?) then you also need MIDI connectivity. In … [Read more...]

Using your iPad for live music performance; a starter kit for the performing iOS keyboard player

As with the starter kit for guitar/bass players, let's take the term 'performing' here in its broadest sense; any keyboard-playing musician who wants to use the iPad (or iPhone or iPod Touch) as a sound source. Again, the 'performance' itself might just personal practice, rehearsal/jamming with band mates or, for the more adventurous, in a live performance in front of paying punters. The first of these is perhaps a less demanding and less difficult ambition while the last requires you to be very … [Read more...]