Patterning update – Olympia Noise Co tweak their Ableton Live export in their brilliant iOS drum machine app

As most regular Music App Blog readers will be aware, I'm a bit of a fan of what developer Olympia Noise Co do with their iOS music apps. Chordion, Ondes and dot Melody are well worth checking out. However, as I commented when originally reviewing the app, Ben Kamen and the team at Olympia Noise Co toped the lot with their Patterning: Drum Machine. There are some fabulous iOS drum/groove apps available but Patterning is absolutely one of my favourite iOS music apps whatever category we happen to … [Read more...]

Cube Synth updated – VirSyn ‘add’ to their additive iOS synth app

I reviewed VirSyn's interesting Cube Synth way back in October 2013 soon after it was first released. The additive synth engine undoubtedly gives it a distinct ‘voice’ when compared to many of the subtractive-based synths that dominate the virtual synth world (including iOS). On these grounds alone, many long-standing iOS synth heads probably added Cube Synth to their app collection. However, while Cube Synth saw a number of updates during the first 12 months or so after release, the most … [Read more...]

Rock Drum Machine update – Luis Martinez’s ‘rock’ drum app gets further tweaks

If you want instant acoustic drums suitable for your 'rock' (use that in a fairly broad sense of the word to cover various musical styles) then Rock Drum Machine by developer Luis Martinez is a very good option. The app provides a compact, streamlined, but very useable universal (iPad and iPhone) drum machine format but with sounds and styles aimed very much and the rock genre rather then electronic styles. Since my original review, Luis has continued to update the app and add all sorts of … [Read more...]

Figure updated – Allihoopa go all Chip Tunes with their classic iOS music app

It must be a bit of a 'day' for all-in-one EDM iOS music apps today. Alongside an update to the excellent Oscilab, we also have a further update to Allihoopa's Figure. Figure, originally release by Propellerhead, but now managed by its own team under the Allihoopa banner, is undoubtedly one of the iOS music apps that, in some way, helped define just what mobile music making might have to offer. With its brilliant use of the touchscreen interface and its ability to let almost anyone - musician or … [Read more...]

Afro Latin Drum Machine update – latin rhythms app from Luis Martinez gets Ableton Link support

Luis Martinez has a series of ‘drum’ apps that sort of sit between the ‘virtual drummer’ and sample-based drum machines and, in many ways, offer something that is a bit of the best of both. I’ve reviewed Rock Drum Machine, Rock Drum Machine 3, Brazilian Drum Machine and Funk Drummer previously. One other title in the catalogue has been Afro Latin Drum Machine 3…. and I reviewed this back in April 2016 when v.3.0 bought a major update, adding a range of new features and new preset rhythms. … [Read more...]

DM1 update – Fingerlab tweak the Ableton Link support to their iOS drum machine app

Fingerlab have always kept up a pretty steady pace with regular updates to their very popular DM1 iOS drum machine app. I did a full review of DM1 way back when and the principles of the app remain the same. This is a cool, sample-based, drum machine that's both easy to use, easy to do song construction with and, over the course on many updates, has built a petty comprehensive collection of drum samples/kits covering a huge range of musical styles. And, while we have recently seen DM2 … [Read more...]

Magellan update – Yonac update their iPad synth with Ableton Link support

Yonac's Magellan synth has been around on the iTunes App Store for a long time - it was released back in August 2012 - and, while it was one of the first iOS music apps that I purchased for my iPad, much to my shame, I've never got around to reviewing it for the Music App Blog (although I have reviewed Yonac's ToneStack and Steel Guitar apps, both of which are rather good). Magellan is a bit of a classic in iOS music app terms and, graphically, it has the vibe of an retro analog hardware … [Read more...]

ToneStack updated – Yonac bring Ableton Link support to their iOS guitar amp sim

Developer Yonac have gained a dedicated following with their ToneStack guitar amp sim app since it first hit the iTunes App Store a couple of years ago. It sounds very good indeed - up there with the best of the guitar amp sim apps such as BIAS FX or Mobile POD - that iOS currently has to offer. It launched with a solid set of virtual equipment, a bunch of excellent IAPs, Audiobus and IAA support and, as a universal app, this is an iOS music app that lots of iPad or iPhone wielding guitar … [Read more...]

Launchpad update – Novation add some visual tweaks to their loop-based music tool

I posted a full review of Novation's Launchpad when it was first released back in spring 2013. For those that like to mix and match loops as a creative music making option, Launchpad is a brilliant concept and, as the basic app is free to download, you can give it a try without having to make any commitment to a long term relationship. Novation have kept up a pretty good pace of updates with the app and it has gained new loop content (via IAPs) and also the ability to load your own samples … [Read more...]