SynthMaster Player update – KV331 Audio bring Audiobus 3 support to their iOS synth preset player

Download from iTunes App StoreSynthMaster Player logo 2I reviewed SynthMaster Player from KV331 Audio some time ago here on the Music App Blog. The SynthMaster line exists on the desktop in a plugin format and includes both the ‘Player’ version (around the US$30 mark) that is the basis for the port to iOS and the ‘full’ version that is both more expensive (starting at about US$129) but also fully programmable.

The iOS ‘Player’ version is a free download as includes 100 preset sounds and you get 100 more when you register the app (done via the Menu button). However, there is a ‘PRO Upgrade’ (usually UK£9.99/US$9.99) that expands the available presets to a fairly impressive 800 and, if you do tweak a preset or three, the option to save that tweaked version. There are also further IAP sound sets and, if you happen to use the desktop version, then any preset banks you have purchased for that can also be made available in the iOS version.

Synthmaster Player – but, actually, much more than a preset player and it sounds great too…..

I was really impressed with the original release but the KV331 have steadily moved the app further forward over recent updates including adding features such as universal support and a complete re-fresh of the interface. This is an app that has now become a very firm personal favourite for me under both iOS and OSX.

The Fretboard view now includes a ‘hold’ option for notes.

Anyway, a further update to the app hit the App Store yesterday taking the app to v.1.1.7. This includes support for Audiobus 3, a new ‘hold’ function, more flexibility within the MIDI mapping system and lower CPU usage when the app is working in the background. All these changes are welcome and, having given the app a quick spin within AB3 this morning, it seems to =be working pretty smoothly in that context.

The app seems to be working well under Audiobus 3 including State Saving.

The app is universal and a 260MB download. It requires iOS8.4 and, while it will run on an iPad 3, an iPad Air and above is recommended. It’s not often you get something for nothing that is actually worth having but, in that respect, SynthMaster Player is yet another App Store exception to the rule. In short, as the app is free to at least get a flavour of what’s on offer, just download it and give it a try.

That said, if you have a synth-loving bone in your body, I suspect the Factory Preset/PRO Upgrade IAP may well prove just a little too tempting. No, SynthMaster Player is not the prefect preset playing synth but, in terms of sound and usability, this is very good stuff indeed.

SynthMaster Player

Download from iTunes App Store

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    1. So does anyone know what support fot Audiobus V3 means?

    2. Luis Miguel says:

      This Synth with Audio Units would be a dream in IOS.

    3. I downloaded the update the other day, because I was really excited to see the promise of non equal temperament tunings, but I don’t think it actually delivered on that front. Instead it seems just to highlight which keys you need to press if you want to use different modes, like Dorian or Ionian. (unless I’m mistaken…) I’d really like to see presets for how they tuned keyboards before equal temperament, and apply this to modern sounds. I think it’s called pure tone, or something like that.

    4. Darren Mc Master-Smith says:

      Does not work with audiobus 3 at all.

    5. Colin Powell says:

      Doesn’t work for me in AB3 either :(

      • Colin Powell says:

        Actually I just noticed I had 2 instances of SynthMaster Player listed when I choose an input in AB3 (don’t know why!) but I selected the 2nd one and it opened OK in AB3!

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