SyndtSphere launched – Klevgränd add a new polyphonic synth to their ‘Kanvas’ iOS music app collection

Download from iTunes App StoreI’ve reviewed a number of iOS music apps from Klevgränd Produktion here on the blog over the last year or two – Vandelay, SquashitSvep, RoverbEnkl, WeeelKorvpressor, PressIt,  Esspresso, Jussi, HaazePads and Baervvag amongst others.

A number of these are also available in an AU plugin format for these working on an OSX desktop system and Klevgränd took a pretty bold step a few months ago when the also added AU support under iOS; it was great to see… and, in every case, I’ve been impressed with the creative possibilities that these apps provide. In addition, the novel – and very streamlined – user interfaces are ideal for the AU format.

Rotate the sphere and create your own blend of sound; SyndtSphere is an absolute doddle to use.

Klevgränd have launched a further app today – SyndtSphere – and in this case it is another addition to the streamlined instrument options with their ‘Kanvas’ UI backdrop. SyndtSphere features an polyphonic synth engine and, yes, it is a development from their earlier Syndt app, which I reviewed here on the blog a few months ago…. and I suspect some (all?) of the preset sounds within SyndtSphere owe their heritage to Syndt.

As with all their recent releases, SyndtSphere is delivered in formats for desktop (AU, VST, both free and available from Klevgränd’s website) and iOS (standalone and AU). Again, there is no Audiobus or IAA; Klevgränd see AU as the future and so are focusing on that format. The app does run in stand-alone mode and, as well as a virtual piano keyboard, it also supports MIDI in from an external MIDI keyboard.

Under iOS, the app is universal, requires iOS9.3 or later, is a 18MB download and is launched at just UK£1.99/US$1.99 price tag. And as I’m writing this late on a Friday afternoon, if you are ‘looking for something for the week-end’, maybe the pocket-money price might make SyndtSphere just the thing?

As well as stand-alone, the app offers AU support, including multiple instances…. as shown here within AUM.

The concept here is quite fun. Essentially, the app is a home for around 70 synth presets and the interface takes the form of a ‘sphere’ where, as you tap and drag on the screen, you rotate the surface of the sphere to bring one of the presets towards the centre. As you do this, the sound changes and, as indicated by the graphics, each of the preset sounds visible in the current portion of the sphere’s surface, contributes to the resulting sound. This is, in essence, a graphical way to blend between multiple preset sounds in much the same way that some apps use an XY pad to ‘morph’ between different presets.

No, it’s not the most powerful or flexible sound source you will ever use but, if you are not in the mood for multiple oscillators, filters, LFOs and modulation matrix options, it is a fun way to find a few sounds to noodle with. And the sounds themselves, while perhaps not spanning a huge sonic scope, are perfectly useable in the right musical context. The app’s Settings page adds options to control the glide between notes when using the legato mode and to configure a simple ping-pong delay effect….  other than that, you just ‘rotate the sphere’ to find a nice sound blend for yourself and can keep it moving to ‘modulate’ your sound with one hand (finger) while you play with the other.

There is a simple delay includes and setting for glide…. otherwise, you just rotate the sphere.

I’ve given the app a quick run through both stand-alone and via AU (including multiple instances) and it seems to be pretty solid. At this price, it is pretty obvious Klevgränd don’t see this as a challenger to the likes of Animoog or Tera Synth or Unique or Model 15 or Phosphor 2 or Zeeon or iSEM or Poison-202 (etc., etc.), but it might be just the antidote or alternative to a heavy programming session when the mood strikes.

Anyway, SyndtSphere is a synth that is a doddle to use and with some perfectly useable sounds to explore. The price places it firmly in the casual purchase category and the desktop version is a free download. Tempted? Well, check out the demo video below and then hit the download button to find out more via the App Store.


Download from iTunes App Store


  1. These guys really know how to make boring videos that fail to show off the best of their app.

  2. Don’t worry Zen…TheSoundTestRoom has a longer vid of the app here:

  3. It is AU of course and @ $2, how can you not buy it..,
    Very tasty.

  4. The automation in the desktop AU version Mac (Logic Pro) is not smooth but jumpy. Still this is an interesting way to have a pad that breathes and changes timbres. It’s inspiring and I like it

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