Sunrizer update – BeepStreet’s classic iOS synth gets the 64-bit treatment

Download from iTunes App Storesunrizer logo 2I’ve reviewed lots of iOS synth apps on the site over the last five years but, given this is a category of iOS music apps that is so well served, there are also plenty I’ve yet to cover. Some of these have, over time, achieved a sort of ‘classic’ status and one app that (for me at least) fits into that category is BeepStreet’s Sunrizer.

Sunrizer is a virtual analog synth and, in part at least, attempts to model what’s known as the ‘SuperSaw’ sound engine that first appeared in one of Roland’s classic hardware synths from the mid/late 1990s – the JP-8000 – although that synth itself had its ancestry in the Roland Jupiter-8 from 1981. The SuperSaw process essentially allows you to stack multiple saw waves, each detuned, to create a rich tone and, with 2 SuperSaw oscillators available, 7 saw waves per oscillator and multi-note polyphony, that can amount to a lot of sound.

Sunrizer’s interface – all the key controls are available within this single display.

You also get multiple filters with various options for audio routing and a range of filter types, a ‘morph’ function that allows you to control multiple synth parameters from just the Mod Wheel, both Frequency Modulation and Phase Modulation modes for the oscillators, Ring Modulation and white noise oscillator. This is powerful stuff and the app built up a dedicated following in its early days.

However, I think long-standing fans had begun to wonder whether one of their favourite apps was going to face extinction as the most recent update was back in July 2014….  a point in time when adding Audiobus 2 and IAA support was the latest evolution in iOS music technology. We have, of course, come a long way since then and, with Apple wanting to shift us away from 32-bit software and on to 64-bit software, the fate of apps like Sunrizer when iOS11 hits might have been a bit doubtful.

The arpeggiator is well-featured and provides lots of fun.

Which is why those same dedicated users will be both a bit surprised – but undoubtedly delighted (as was ConfusedKitten who emailed me about the update this morning) – to see v.3.4 of Sunrizer pop up on the App Store today. The list of changes is ‘compact’ – it simply says ‘support for 64-bit devices’ – but, if that means Sunrizer stays will us for at least the next iteration of iOS itself, then that’s a good thing. There is no other obvious signs of change and no hint that support for something like AU is being considered….  but, even so, its great to se an old favourite given new life.

I have more synth apps on my iPad that I care to list and, if you share my iOS music app addict status, then you may well be in the same position. Even so, if you don’t currently own Sunrizer, and still have a tiny corner of your iPad (or iPhone for the SunrizerXS version) that is just saying ‘fill me!’, it is most certainly worth a look if you want to ensure you have paid full attention to ‘classic iOS music app history. At UK£9.99/UK£9.99, it is a lot of synth for not a lot of money….  providing you are prepared to take a bit of punt on its longevity…..


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    1. Thanks for the news as ever! I hope this means SunrizerXS (the iPhone version) will get the same future-proofing…

      I don’t use the synth a lot (it’s often a bit 80s-sounding for my tastes), but it has some patches I use occasionally, so I keep SunrizerXS around. Nice to see it get some developer-love, anyway :-)

      On a tangential note: finally, I understand where Caustic’s recently-added “super-saw” synth got its inspiration from… it even shares its colour with Sunrizer!

      • The Supersaw actually owes its fame to the Roland JP-8000, which is where Sunrizer got its inspiration from (and its color scheme and design style)… :-D

    2. Update works fine on my iPad 4, doesn’t load at all on my iPad Air 2……..maybe 64 bit code not working…….?

    3. Loads fine on my iPad Air 2, with lastest IOS. Maybe try rebooting?

    4. Cheers for input Zen……..still not working though. To clarify: App was already on iPad 4 updated works fine. App was not already on iPad 4, downloaded it , installed it, goes to loading screen, crashes. Uninstalled, re-installed,same, shut down iPad, re-booted same…..etc, etc….ad infinitum and various variations thereof! Great synth when working (highly recommended) just thought the Dev should know….cheers……..

    5. Should read iPad Air 2…sorry

      • You’re not alone so it seems. Just updated it on my iPad Pro 12.9 and it also crashes on start up :(

        • Just a quick update on this problem…
          Got in touch with BeepStreet and got this reply:
          “Hi this problem will be fixed in 1-2 days. Sorry about inconveniences.

          Best regards,
          Jarek / BeepStreet”

          Absolutely brilliant support, thanks heaps Jarek :)

    6. ConfusedKitten says:

      Cool you got my mail – thanks for the shout out John (much appreciated) :) Yeah I’m totally stoked (understatement), I couldn’t believe it when I saw the update (had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming)! :P I alluded to a gentle nudge to the developer that the community would be heart broken if the Sunrizer(s) got left behind in the 64-bit shift via iOS 11 (but I have to say I wasn’t holding out for it after such a long quiet period)! Man that has made my day and I need to go and review it and thank the developer for being totally brilliant (as I’m sure a great many others will be doing currently too)! The community is going to be really happy about this news; becuase as you know, there is ‘Impaktor’ as well (which is amazing – there’s nothing like it) so *hopefully* as you say we might expect some further updates to appear shortly! Here’s hopeing anyway, but it’s inspiring to see regardless and I just wanted to publically say a huge thanks to the developer (Jaroslaw Jacek) from everyone in the iOS music making community (if he’s watching/listening) as we sincerely appreciate your ongoing dedication – you are awesome and have earned your place in iOS music developer heaven! Thanks John, kind regards CK :)

    7. ConfusedKitten says:

      It’s fine on iOS 10.2.1 (iPad Pro 9.7″)! :)

    8. ConfusedKitten says:

      I just checked it on mine Leslie after reading your reply, I know the hardware is slightly different, but perhaps a reboot (or delete the app and re-download it again after a reboot) is all I can suggest (are you running the latest iOS update)? Hope you get it working, but if it works on mine it should be hopeful for you at least! :)

    9. Thank you John I was just thinking about this synth’s future, so good having all control on one page, no cluster, the genius “A – B” wheel. The sound is so clear, as clear as Arturia’s products, years before !
      Glad to read you! Marc

    10. Thanks so much Leslie, i was beginning to think it was it was either me or my iPad that was on the blink!! Sunrizer was the first synth i bought, and really set the bar pretty high in my opinion…..still as great now as it was then……..fantastic that it has now been updated…..Top marks to Jarek/Beep Street for getting on the case so quickly , wishing them much success with this and any further projects……cheers, Mark……

    11. Looks like sunrizer has been pulled from the iPad section of the App Store. Only showing for iPhone now.

      • ConfusedKitten says:

        Weirdly, the App Store store page has been jammed up all day in the uk (I can’t access it) as I’ve been wanting to leave a thank you review since this morning (naturally I’ve had other things to do) but just tried again and it shows a loading sign permanently! The developer is creating a follow up update anyway (to deal with any issues any users have experienced today) thanks to Leslie for his comment earlier; so I’m sure it will be sorted out soon enough! Brilliant news anyway, I hope Impaktor’s next he he! :)

    12. John Wehlitz says:

      March 6, 2017

      Not available in the US store. Wonder why?

    13. Eustressor says:

      An old classic I recently reconnected with. Great sounds – I hope the update to the update to solve the crashing issue comes quickly. I also second the call for an Impaktor update :)

    14. Paulinko says:

      Good to see BeepStreet updating this classic app. It’d be great to have an AU or a version of Impaktor where it would work as an effect for Audio. Hopefully we’ll see more apps from BeepStreet in the future.

    15. Obviously a lot of love for this synth given the number of comments….. I wonder if the developer has asked Apple to pull the update (hence its absence noted in some comments above) pending the further update that is also mentioned above and is obviously coming soon with a start-up fix….? Anyway, great to see some activity on what is a very great sounding synth app….. best wishes, John

    16. Rodolfo Ruiz says:

      Not available in Argentina Store! It was pulled when the update was announced.

    17. Quick update………Sunrizer now loads on 1Pad Air 2 :) Still sounding great………..

      • Indeed, updated Sunrizer is now back at AppStore and works great :)
        Thanks BeepStreet and Jarek for quick response.

    18. Eustressor says:

      That was a VERY quick turn for a critical update – Well done, Beepstreet!

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