Sugar Bytes SALE – Easter savings on all Sugar Bytes brilliant iOS music apps

turnado logoI don’t know about you, but I’m a huge fan of the iOS apps produced by Sugar Bytes and I’ve reviewed, Thesys, Turnado, Effectrix, Egoist, WOW Filterbox and Cyclop on the blog in the past. These are all brilliant and I use all of them on a regular basis (as well as the desktop versions of Turnado and Thesys).

Sugar Bytes are currently having a sale on all their iOS music apps. For the next few days to celebrate Easter/spring, all of their brilliant iOS music apps are up discounted with savings between 30 and 50%. If you fancy treating yourself to something musical (rather than more chocolate) as an easter treat then any of these are well worth a blast.

Turnado's main display - plenty going on but very easy to use for real-time processing.

Turnado’s main display – plenty going on but very easy to use for real-time processing.

All of these apps are deep and take some learning but the rewards can be top notch. Thesys provides a very well specified step sequencer environment with some really interesting creative options, including the ability to set different step-lengths for different parameters of your sequence.

As ever, with Egoist, Sugar Bytes have bought their own particular slant to the whole beat-slicing/groove workstation concept and, while there are other apps that perhaps fulfil a similar role, you always know you are in for an interesting ride – and something just a bit different – from Sugar Bytes. Egoist lives up to that expectation. It is a brilliant ‘ideas quick’ tool and, if you are into electronic or dance music styles, is well worth exploring.

Egoist; loop slicing, bass and beat groove-box all in a very streamlined and creative workflow

Egoist; loop slicing, bass and beat groove-box all in a very streamlined and creative workflow

Turnado is a hugely flexible and creative multi-effects processor. For ear-candy-style audio mangling, it is about as good as it gets under iOS, although the options are almost endless and it does take some mastering.

Effectrix offers some similar audio processing options but also adds in the possibility of controlling the effects via a step-sequencer. Finally, WOW Filterbox does pretty much what is says on the tin; for all sorts of filter-type effects, it can produce some excellent results.

Effectrix - step-sequencing for multi-effects :-)

Effectrix – step-sequencing for multi-effects :-)

Finally, Cyclopis a monophonic synth app that specialises in bass sounds. It features six different synth engines so the variety of tones available is very diverse. There is also a set of 10 different filter types available plus, of course, the Wobble generator option…  so get your dubstep sounds here :-) I’ve included a demo video below if you want to see the app in action….

Cyclop – Sugar Bytes bring their bass synth to the iPad.

At their original full price, all of these apps are still worth the money; on sale – for the next few days anyway – they are most definitely bargains. These are pretty deep apps (and just slight bonkers in a good way) and would suit the more adventurous electronic music maker but they are all brilliant in their own way. Read the original reviews linked to above for more information but then his the links to find out more and pick yourself up a bargain (or two or three).  Happy Easter/spring….  :-)


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