Studiomux update – AppBC’s audio+MIDI over USB app gets further tweaks

Download from iTunes App StoreStudiomux logoI posted a full review of AppBC’s Audiomux iOS music app when it was first released. Audiomux allowed you to stream audio between your iOS device and OSX desktop computer using nothing more than the standard USB charging cable that is supplied with your iPad or iPhone. It also complemented AppBC’s Midimux app that does the same sort of data transfer for MIDI data.

Both apps seems to work very well from the off and, used together, they make integrating your iOS music making technology and your desktop music making technology a much simpler affair; no unpredictable wireless connections, no other hardware required…  just the apps, the associated ‘server’ apps for your Mac (free from the Audiomux website) and a cable Apple have already supplied for you. An update soon after the initial release introduced multi-channel audio support allowing you to stream up to 16 channels of audio at the same time.

Studiomux - audio and MIDI data between your iOS hardware and your desktop system - all via a USB connection.

Studiomux – audio and MIDI data between your iOS hardware and your desktop system – all via a USB connection.

I also covered v.2.0 of Audiomux which bought some big changes. First, Windows support became ‘official’ and, second, the app moved to an approach based around a VST and AU plugin for easy integration with the host desktop DAW. This is, of course, the same approach adopted by Music IO although, if you prefer the ‘aggregate device’ approach of the original Audiomux release, this is still available (at least, it is still working under OSX and, for recording – as opposed to just monitoring – audio from your iOS hardware, it does offer a somewhat easier configuration).

When v.2.1.0 arrived, this bought a further significant change; the functionality of Audiomux and Midimux was merged into a single new app; Studiomux…  although Midimux is still available if you just want MIDI connectivity. I was impressed with the flexibility the app offered and, while there are a few hoops to jump through in order to get it configured with your desktop DAW of choice, it is a remarkably cost-effective means of getting bi-directional multitrack audio and MIDI between your iOS hardware and your desktop system.

While there is some configuration involved, it is kind of cool when you see your favourite iOS music apps linked to your desktop DAW.

While there is some configuration involved, it is kind of cool when you see your favourite iOS music apps linked to your desktop DAW.

V.3.0.0 of Studiomux arrived in May 2016 and added AUv.3 support but, since then, things have been a bit quiet. However, v.3.1.0 popped up on the App Store a couple of days ago. This brings a number of fixes and also ensure compatibility with the newly arrived Audiobus 3. There are also some new features added such as user control over reloading of apps and new options for using multiple iOS devices. There are also updates to the desktop software end of things and users can download these from the Studiomux website.

The obvious competition is provided by Music IO. There are still some operational difference between the two apps and differences in the details of the feature set and/or workflow so I still think it is difficult to pick an obvious ‘winner’. Both, however, do bring the full integration of iOS music production tools into the desktop world a little closer.  There are still some workflow issues that are perhaps not ‘ideal’ but both apps do make this a serious proposition for those keen to explore it.

In addition, neither are particularly expensive technologies…  and if you have to buy both to see which might work best you, it will not break too many banks. Anyway, if you are interested in integration of your iOS music software with your desktop music production system, Studiomux, at just UK£9.99/US$9.99, is well worth checking out – alongside the obvious competition – whether you are using OSX or Windows as your desktop platform.


Download from iTunes App Store


Download from iTunes App Store

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    1. Excellent utility app just got better again.
      Highly recommended :)

    2. This app is amazing……, watch as your instruments & efx appear magically on their own track in the DAW of your choice. Mac/windows compatible , no wires except the lightening cable, record the audio into your DAW at the sample rate/ bit depth of your choice…….no glitching, no hiss, no dodgy mixing desks or cables……..this is a small miracle of modern technology, every time i use it i am blown away………essential if you want to combine ios with a desktop/laptop……also Aum and Audiobus integrate right in with it. There are some dodgy reviews on the iTunes store, ignore them, i have used this without any hassle for over a year, and couldn’t really make my racket without it now….top app from top Dev team……..also modstep by the same people is amazing as well! p.s……i don’t work for them! Cheers…..Mark (Void Comp ) (IsoCube)

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