Steel Guitar update – pedal steel guitar app from Yonac gets iOS9 support

Download from iTunes App StoreSteel Guitar logoIf you are a guitar-playing IOS music maker, the odds are you will be familiar with the work of developer Yonac through their rather good ToneStack guitar rig simulator. Yonac do, however, have a number of other iOS music apps available on the App Store including Magellan and Galileo Organ.

One other app – and one that I remember trying in the past and thinking how good it might be with the benefit of being given a little extra TLC – is Steel Guitar. Thankfully, back in May, Yonac did just that and it has to be said that Steel Guitar v.2.0 was something of a triumph, albeit for what is, even in its ‘real’ form, something of a niceh musical weapon of choice.

Obviously keen to build on that success, Yonac have released v.2.1 of Steel Guitar today. In the main, this is a technical update in that it brings a few minor tweaks and fixes. However, it also brings the latest Audiobus SDK and an ‘iOS9 compatibility’ statement; most welcome :-)

Steel Guitar - Yonac bring their lap/pedal steel app up to date.

Steel Guitar – Yonac bring their lap/pedal steel app up to date.

There is very little not to like about Steel Guitar. It sounds great, the technical spec has been bought right up to data and, as the base app is free, you can at least try it out before stumping up for any IAP content. That said, even when you factor in more or more of the IAPs (or a ‘bundled’ IAP), this is still an absolute steal.

There is one other observation worth making. As a guitar player anyway, moving over to do the occasional bit of slide is not a huge stretch (it is a different skill and I’m not great at it but I can get by in a recording context with enough takes!). Pedal steel is perhaps another matter but some of those standard guitar skills to translate to the real thing.

However, Steel Guitar is an example of an app that is, I think, much (very much!) easier to play than the real thing. Rather like all these smart virtual keyboards can make playing iOS synths or piano by limiting you to only scale notes, I suspect the performance interface in Steel Guitar is going to take a novice player a lot less time to master that the real thing would.

Highly recommended :-)

Steel Guitar


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    1. Alexander Democratis says:

      They still haven’t fix the orientation problem so as to use the app connected into a docking station.Only one side landscape mode.

    2. DO they consider the orientation prob. a bug? It would be a nice fix.

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