SoundPrism Link Edition launched – MIDI performance app gets Ableton Link version

Download from iTunes App Storesoundprism link edition logo 1I reviewed SoundPrism Pro – produced by Audanika and currently priced at UK£6.99 – when it was first launched on the Music App Blog. SoundPrism Pro is essentially a MIDI performance app. Rather like apps such as Chordion, Gestrument and Synthecaster (all of which I have reviewed previously on the site), while SoundPrism Pro does include its own audio engine and has a small collection of sounds built in to it, its real strength is as a performance interface that uses the touchscreen to allow the user to send MIDI data to other synths.

In fact, the SoundPrism family included three apps; the original SoundPrism, SoundPrism Pro and SoundPrism Electro… oh, and a fourth if you include the iPhone version of SoundPrism Electro with its ‘mini’ tag line. Each employs the same basic touchscreen interface which makes it insanely easy to create chord/bass (and sometimes melody) parts with a finger or two, all ‘in key’ and ‘in tune’.

SoundPrism Link Edition - the latest in the SoundPrism family of apps.

SoundPrism Link Edition – the latest in the SoundPrism family of apps.

Audanika have now launched a further edition of SoundPrism; SoundPrism Link Edition. The app is introduced with a special launch price of just UK£3.99 for a short period, is universal, a 54MB download and requires iOS8.3 or later.

This new edition uses the same touchscreen performance interface and includes the same essential feature set as SoundPrism Pro. I’ll not repeat all the basics here (just go and check out the SoundPrism Pro review), however, it a includes the same performance options, Audiobus support, Audiobus Remote support, both internal sounds and the ability to send MIDI data out to other iOS synths, Core MIDI support and the option for routing bass, chord and melody lines out on different MIDI channels to different apps should you so wish.

This version of SoundPrism adds support for Ableton Link.

This version of SoundPrism adds support for Ableton Link.

As the name suggests, though, the app also brings a couple of notable new features and the obvious headline is support for Ableton Link. This means that and of the internal presets that contain rhythmic effects will now be tempo-sync’ed to any other connected Ableton Link enabled apps. The other key new feature is a collection of rather nice synth-based presets. While it’s great to send SoundPrism MIDI data out to your favourite iOS synths, these internal sounds are actually pretty good; as a means of just generating a few musical ideas, they are plenty good enough that the app can be used as a stand-alone musical tool. Each preset uses the interface’s ‘slider’ to tweak the sound in real-time. If Audanika what to add value to the app then I’m sure some extra presets added to those already included would be a very easy – and very welcome – way to do it.

Having given the app a bit of a blast with both its own sounds and used to drive a couple of external synths, the new Link Edition seems to be working pretty well. The app found Patterning once Ableton Link was enabled and locked quite happily to the tempo set in Patterning. There is a lot of fun to be had with this combination, especially using one of SoundPrism Link Edition’s internal sounds that features a tempo-based effect.

There is a rather good collection of preset sounds included in the new app.

There is a rather good collection of preset sounds included in the new app.

Existing SoundPrism Pro users might have liked to see the Link technology and presets added to the ‘Pro’ version of the app rather than as a separate purchase. However, if you grab the new version at the launch price, then UK£3.99 wouldn’t be such a big deal as an IAP price to access the new features.

SoundPrism Pro  – and now Soundprism Link Edition – are very creative tools for chord/bass MIDI parts, particularly so if you like to work with electronic or ambient styles. While almost anyone could use these SoundPrism tools to create harmonically correct music, a little bit of musical knowledge opens up the possibilities further. This is a seriously well thought out MIDI performance app that almost any iOS musician could benefit from.

SoundPrism Link Edition

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    1. So far so good with this, even if it is rather cheeky to flog us the same app three times. As you say, at the intro price it’s more like an IAP. The only problem I’ve had is using it with iVCS3 under AudioBus. It worked the first time, then refused to do so again no matter what I did. Not sure which app it to blame, or it;s its a combination. SP LE does seem to work fine with others apps that I’ve tried.

    2. I have come to the conclusion, rather recently. That in order for ios music to survive, Developers need to continue to make money. Apple doesn’t allow for app update charges, so I guess developers need a way to stay a float.

      It does feel more like an IAP to me as well.

      • I agree, and that’s one reason why I bought SP-LE (true for some other apps too). But, it’s a good buy…at the price point there’s a lot of functionality and a quick go through of the new sound set was impressive to my ears.

    3. While almost every other music app developer is adding Ableton Link tech(it’s a free library from Ableton) for free, Audanika is forcing its users to buy a whole new app to get a tech which all other app devs are adding, as Ableton intended, for free. This is a tiny amount of work to implement and a paper thin excuse to charge for a whole new app.

      Shame on you Audanika!

    4. Yup, needs to be an IAP for the rest of the line, otherwise we will see… SP Electro Live etc. I agree that devs need to make some cash too but the software there adding here is a free addon from Ableton, that most, if not all other music apps are adding for free too.

    5. According to the video put out by Jakob Haq and one of the developers this version is an entirely new sound engine. And the old presets would not work with Link. Now with that being said other than Jakob’s video and one comment on the iOS Facebook group the company has done an absolutely terrible job explaining this. It is bad PR at it very finest.

    6. The sounds are quite incredible. I don’t know how it all works with the old engine not working with link, verses this sound engine working with link? I think of it kinda like an IAP, 5 bucks.

    7. Thorsten says:

      Ok. They want to earn some money, but if you already have one pf the SPP apps you have to spend only € 2.00 to buy the other two (within a bundle). That’s one coffee.

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