SongSheet update – Ghostdust’s popular song cataloguing app get iOS11 support

Download from iTunes App Storesongsheet pro logo 2There are lots of ways of keeping track of your song charts whether those are all the covers you play in your gigging band or your own songs. However, if you want a convenient, and gig-friendly, digital format, then the is an app for that; SongSheet. I’ve reviewed SongSheet by developer Ghostdust previously on the blog so if you have not checked out the app  then do take a read. SongSheet is, however, more than just a cataloging app; it is also a very useful notepad system for songwriters as a way of keeping your song ideas together and backed up.

Songsheet – a great tool for cataloguing all your song charts with plenty of options for editing and live performance.

Developer Gabriel Hauber does like to keep things moving though and the updates have kept coming on a very regular basis, both refining the performance of the app and adding to the feature list. V.3.0 arrived at the start of September but we already have v.3.1 and, as you might expect, this brings support for iOS11.

For lots of music app use, some of the highlight features of iOS11 perhaps don’t make too much difference (although dragging and dropping audio files between apps will obviously have potential). However, for SongSheet, a feature like drag and drop brings a whole new level of workflow….  and that’s the highlight new addition of v.3.1.

The main application is obvious. For example, if you have an iPad that supports Split View, you can find something like a guitar chord chart from a website in Safari, select a portion of it, and then drag and drop it into SongSheet where it is automatically turned into a new SongSheet song entry. Gabriel has posted a few short demo videos of this in action on his Tweeter feed and it does look very cool. I’ll have to wait until I update my iPad Pro to iOS11 before I can give it a try for myself though.

If your iPad supports Split View, then drag and drop will be a very useful new feature in v.3.1 of SongSheet Pro.

That’s not the only drag and drop option though….  and even more intriguing is the possibility to use the feature to import entire folders of songs from the new Files app…..  That could certainly speed up getting your stuff into SongSheet in the first place. The update also includes some more minor fine-tuning for exporting PDFs and for sharing setlists as well as a few bugfixes.

Whatever cataloging system you use for your songs, getting everything into a system is initially a lot of work. If you are prepared to knuckle down and get that phase dealt with (and SongSheet Pro does make that as easy as it can), then the long term benefits are obvious. SongSheet has become a very well featured cataloging application and is also a great option for songwriters. And, at UK£14.99/US$14.99 for the iPad version, it is a pretty modestly priced for what is such a useful and versatile tool.

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